WWE Supercard Cheats :- is That possible? Let’s find out

The best and most played video game of the WWE game series which was launched in the year 2014 by the developers Cat Daddy Games and 2K games for both iOS and Android players.

It has truly touched the hearts of its players because of the awesome gameplay and many types of events, forums, characters, etc which makes the game very interesting to play.

WWE Supercard is an online multiplayer collectible card. It has more than 10 million downloads in the Google play store plus it has a impressive 4.4 star rating while this game is also popular among the iPhone and Apple device users who can download it through Apple App store.

WWE Supercard – Gameplay

Have you ever played trump card which had WWE superstars mentioned on it and how we used to challenge our friends?

The one with strong superstar cards won the match, it somehow also depended on our luck.

The game developers have tried to keep this experience alive and so they made out this game.

WWE Supercard game is basically a collectible card game in which every card features the WWE superstars. The game features more than thousands of cards all featuring WWE Superstars and also NXT superstars.

Apart from the superstars the legends and Hall of Fame Inductees are also featured on the supercards.

Collect as much as you can and level up! Get prepared to play in the Elimination Chamber and Royal Rumble matches. It also gives a feeling like you are really playing a WWE match.

A lot of in-game currencies! Unlimited Credits! How?

Are you one of them who want to unlock all the premium items, participate in high reward matches and also want to get top cards so that your chances of winning matches becomes high but you are halted by the problem of low in-game currency.

Then no more worries now, with these hacks which are described below you will never feel the shortage of in-game currencies and you can buy whatever you wish.

Credits can be earned in many ways in the game like completing objectives and winning games. You can use these earned credits for purchasing various WWE card packs for enhancing your game’s card collection.

But the amount of credit you usually get from completing objectives and playing is very less which can satisfy and needs so for that you have to invest real money to buy them. Here we will show you how to get unlimited credits without paying a single penny.

How to get unlimited credits without paying a single penny?

So we have talked very much now let’s straight get into how we can get a lot of credits by using these simple tricks. Follow the steps carefully and don’t skip anything or it will not work. It is not actually a hack but a simple trick which will fetch you a lot of credits.

1. First of all make sure that you have installed the game and you have successfully created the account.

2. Head towards your mobile’s internet browser and go to the website.

3. On the webpage you will see a little form saying to enter your username or email ID and the amount you wish you want to have (50,000 maximum). Enter your username and then select the amount of credit you need to get. After then press Generate Now!

4. A processing will be started so wait till it gets completed then press Verify button which will take you to another webpage.

5. For the verification you will have to download an app from the list and run it for minimum 30 seconds. Do it.

6. After all these you can uninstall the app you had downloaded and head up to your WWE Supercard game where you will be amazed to see your credits.

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