What are the stars for in Coin Master?

Today one video game which is fast catching everyone’s interest is the Coin Master.  In fact it has become one of the top mobile games in UK and Germany.

What is this game all about?     In this game, the players spin slot machines and win coins and other game related items such as shields and weapons.   Using this they can attack and raid villages and build their own village. There are about 200 unique themed village adventures. 

Once a village is built, it can become a big kingdom. However, to achieve that goal, it needs a lot of coins. And for the coin collection, a lot of tasks have to be performed such as raising pets, collecting chests of cards, etc.   The best part of the game is that coin master hack Facebook can be used to connect with other players. When you connect with others on Facebook, you become eligible for many benefits such as Free Spins, Coins Bonus, Gift cards, etc.

The main part of the game is the coins.  These have to be collected by spins. At the start of the game, there are about 5 spins given and very hours there are about 5 spins. These spins can be earned by watching ads, competing with others and can also be bought with real money.

There is a special feature called stars in the game. What are the stars for in Coin Master? These are used to keep the players ranking on the leader board. 

How can they be earned? They can be collected or earned by building the village and also by collecting now cards. For instance, each time there is an upgrade to building, there is a star to be collected. Stars can also be collected by obtaining new cards.  These cards have the stars on them. These stars are very useful. For example, a player needs at least 20 stars in order to move to a new village. So that is why it is important to collect stars.

This of course can be obtained by continuing to upgrade the village structure. But only one star per upgrade.  So the process can be a little slow. So the hint here is that at the beginning of the game itself, the player needs to upgrade the village with the coins that he or she has. So by acting smartly and building up the resources, the player can collect stars.

There is a risk of losing the stars.  When another player attacks a village and hits directly on any item inside the village, then automatically one star is removed from the item and also from the total of the overall stars collected.  So it’s important to protect the stars by purchasing shields etc. They are the best protection for your stars.

Overall, the graphics and the wide platform of the game make it more interesting. Also there is a sense of connection provided with other players all over the world.   In addition unlike other vie games, which have a lot of shooting and blood bath, this game does not have it. So it’s safe to play even by kids.

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