All About Yoga You Need to Know!

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The word “yoga” is derived from Sanskrit, which implies an activity in which one has to concentrate the whole mind in order to control the five senses. This means that we must be able to control, manage, and concentrate fully so as to create harmony and balance between mind, soul, and body. The yoga has been practiced since 4000 years ago. Westerners have started to recognize this practice approximately 30 years ago. They began to feel the great benefits of practicing yoga, which is to achieve flexibility and reduce stress. Today, there are millions of Americans who already reap the benefits of yoga. That’s why the development of yoga in America can not be called a mere trend. The American passion for doing this Indian exercise is more than just the need for practice or physical health, but it has also become part of what called American lifestyle.

The Spread
In addition to yoga centers that have spread almost in all corners of the country, the completeness of the supporters of the training also helped accompany them, such as T-shirts, pants, yoga mat, or other tools often used in physical exercise. Regarding to the tools, Yoga Shop is an integral part of Yoga. Yoga associations of different streams, such as lyengar Yoga, Ashtanga Yoga, and so on are formed in almost every state.

International Yoga Alliance (IYA) created by Americans has been established. Almost similar to the United Nations, this organization seems to want to be an umbrella for the entire flow and traditions of yoga that exist on earth. They make standards and provisions, such as the curriculum in organizing training for yoga masters. Admittedly, Americans are very good at making systematic, packing, then marketing, although in fact we all know that this practice comes from India, thousands of miles away from the American continent.

Important things
Everyone has energy or heat flow coming from within the body. With yoga exercises, we will learn how to direct that energy to something constructive.
As if art and soul, yoga combines mind control (as well as breathing) with physical practice. Movements tend to be smooth and not in a hurry. In yoga practice, every posture taught has a different meaning. Sitting posture, for example, is interpreted as a pose for relaxation. While the posture stands, interpreted as a way to generate energy. You must understand these things because you will always meet them in your practice.

Two types of discipline
In contrast to other physical activities, yoga has two kinds of discipline; motion and silence. Motion discipline is useful for strengthening the physical, eliminating joint and muscle stiffness, and controlling the health of nerves and body glands, while silent discipline will teach us how to focus concentration. The perceived benefit is that we will be able to better control our emotions and improve our memory.

The Process
In fact, many people still think that yoga exercises are just exercises to stretch the muscle alone. Although muscle stretching is needed, but yoga is actually trying to create harmony in the body through increased flexibility and muscle strength. This will be achieved through various poses or postures taught in yoga. Each pose has its own physical benefits. These yoga poses can be performed dynamically with movements that can make the body’s heat energy increase rapidly (Vinyasa Yoga), or be done slowly in order to achieve good body stamina and balance the perfect posture of each pose.

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