Writing a Compare and Contrast College Essay

College essay

A compare and contrast college essay is one that seeks to find ways in which some things or ideas are similar that is comparable or are different which is showing a difference. A compare and contrast essay for college seeks to explore ideas in depth. A college essay compares and contrast essay is essential as it equips students with a deeper grasp of issues and helps them acquire critical thinking skills. A compare and contrast essay for college students ensures students go beyond mere description. The compare and contrast essay for college students enables students to establish a relationship between the ideas. Do not forget that sometimes students need a high quality essay help for a stellar grade, they may be easily found on the internet.

A compare and contrast college essay differs from other types of writing because:

  • A compare and contrast essay for college students has many sections as needed. The structure chosen should serve ideas in your argument.
  • A compare and contrast college essay should have paragraphs that range from a third of a page. If longer, the paragraph should be two thirds of a page. The length depends on what the paragraph needs. A compare and contrast college essay needs to be developed at each step of the way.
  • How to write a compare and contrast essay for college requires knowledge of thesis writing. In a compare and contrast college essay, a thesis statement is two or three sentences long.
  • The thesis writing can appear when beginning a paragraph or elsewhere. The thesis doesn’t need to be supported by any specific number of ideas.

Tips concerning the topic of choice

When writing compare and contrast college essay, choosing a right subject matters a lot. Good topics for compare and contrast college essay can be produced by using the various tips.

  • To generate a topic, brainstorming is a way. Brainstorming ideas is a great tip of coming up with a topic. Brainstorming helps in choosing concepts that are similar and different. It helps you see the points which are major and those you should own. Brainstorming also helps in the formulation of a thesis if required.
  • A Venn diagram is also called a chapati diagram comes in handy when choosing a topic. It is where you have circles overlapping that help you visualize concepts that are similar and what makes them differ. In the circles outer edges you get to write what is different and in the overlapping middle what is similar. A Venn diagram assists in organizing thoughts and prioritizing what is crucial on a topic.
  • Finding subjects that can be compared and contrasted in a meaningful way, is also a tip we cannot forget. Topics for compare and contrast college essay are guided by the subjects in the topic. The subjects should seek to answer the question “Why?”. For example, Movies and books, when comparing and contrasting the two, you should ask yourself when the two are put together, what one can learn and when separated, what is going to miss.

Below is a list of compare and contrast college essay topics:

  • Employment in the private and public sector
  • Which education is of more quality private or public
  • Science vs. religion
  • Arts and sciences as a career pathway
  • World war 1 and world war 2
  • Online classes and traditional classes
  • Books vs. movies
  • An American car versus a Japanese car
  • Authoritarian decision making or democratic?
  • Online shopping compared to the traditional shopping
  • E-books or the traditional books.
  • Rail vs. road
  • College and high school experience
  • Traditional medical ways against modern medicine
  • Social media and traditional conforms of media

Common Structure

The most important part of writing is the outline for a compare and contrast college essay. It guides the structure of the essay as it acts as a blueprint to the writer. The compare and contrast college essay outline also steers and contributes to the flow of the essay. A compare and contrast writing has an introduction, a thesis statement, a body and conclusion. The outline also depends on the format you choose to present your points.

Here’s an organization of a sample outline for a compare and contrast college essay:

Books vs. Movies


The preference of choosing a book or a movie or vice-versa depends solely on the audience. One would choose a book because he or she would want to preserve it over the years, or a movie -because of convenience. Opening a debate on which mode of entertainment is better, is what the essay seeks to explore.

Thesis statement

Books or movies: which is more convenient? What are the advantages and disadvantages of the two? And what would you miss out, if you chose one medium over the other? These are all questions that should be answered in the essay.


When choosing a medium of entertainment, the cost, availability and reliability of the medium matters. Movies are fast to watch and comprehend. As they offer visual explanations and subtitles that you can be read as you watch. Though movies have all that, they lack the aspect of developing cognitive ability as they limit imagination and speech. At the end of the day, picking your poison is all that matters.

Tips concerning introduction writing

The introduction for compare and contrast college essay has to have three key elements.

  • An introduction to the main topic by starting with a compare and contrast college essay hooks to capture the audience attention.
  • The compare and contrast college essay introduction also has to have the specific subjects you’re comparing and contrasting.
  • Finally, have a thesis statement to wrap up your expressions. State the purpose of the essay and show concision and clarity of the essay.

Tips on thesis writing

  • It should have short sentences that are precise and straightforward
  • Should show the approach a writer should use. The approach could be first to show the similarities, then the differences or present each point showing its contrast to the other.

Tips on body paragraphs writing

  • The sentences should be short and straightforward. They should clearly state their purpose.
  • Each paragraph should have a topic sentence that is focused on what the writer is comparing and contrasting. The topic sentence shows ideas being talked about.
  • The length of the paragraph depends on the ideas you want to fully present to the readers. Some ideas may require a lot of words to describe.
  • Transition words should be used when presenting your ideas. The transition words are indicators that an idea has been conclusively discussed and often open up a new idea.
  • A writer should support his content with research from other authors or his sources of information.

 Tips on conclusion writing

  • A compare and contrast college essay conclusion is where the main ideas are summarized. The main concepts should be included to make a strong case.
  • Transition words are important in the conclusion for a compare and contrast college essay. Words such as finally, in conclusion, lastly, should be used. They give a tone of completion to writing.
  • Evaluation of the topic is essential as you also discussing on future developments. A writer should present that the topic can be discussed further
  • Finally, the importance of the differences and similarities should also be shown. What was your end goal? What was the purpose of your writing? Your introduction should guide this.

Sources for Essay choice

Compare and contrast essay for college students, can be found in:

  • Books
  • Brainstorming
  • Newspaper
  • Blogs

A compare and contrast college essay choice should be easy to understand and research on. Compare and contrast college essay tips can be found on the internet where essay choices can also be found.

Finalizing the essay

Writing a compare and contrast essay for college is a task which is daunting. Sometimes it is better to buy a pre-written sample from sites like essayzoo.org on a similar topic and write your own on its basis. A student should know how to write a compare and contrast essay for college and make citations for the compare and contrast essay for college. Reviewing your essay by proofreading is a way of finalizing it. It gives a writer an avenue of making the necessary corrections on punctuation and grammatical errors. Titles of compare and contrast college essay should have hooks to attract readers. Finally, avoid plagiarism when choosing a topic you enjoy. Do not limit yourself, try out different topics.