How to Write an Academic Paper

How to write to academic paper

Academic essay writing is a style that is different compared to other personal forms of writings as it aims at analyzing as well as exploring the explanations for events, problems and customs. Academic writing is dependent on scholarly research that is credible, so as to support the ideas being presented. Academic essay writing also focuses on a particular audience that is determined before the writing process begins. Audience selection is a strategic way of how to write an academic essay as it will give you the chance of settling on a language that will be appealing to the selected audience. Some of the academic documents include essays, dissertation (research project submitted in the final year), book report and research article among others. The structure for an academic essay will, therefore, be dependent on the particular document being worked on.

Topics for academic writing

The topics for an academic essay will determine how the article will be. For your articles to be a success, ensure you have academic essay topics that are relatable and relevant.

Below is a list of good topics for an academic essay:

  • Do you think art is relevant in the public schools?
  • How does the government support the natural disaster survivors?
  • Do you think news acts as a balance of the bad and good news?
  • Do you agree that the famous people in society influence the behaviors of individuals?
  • Discuss both sides of the completion of university education.
  • First impressions last the longest. How do you agree with such a statement?
  • Tourism is an industry that grows every day. How do you think the tourism sector benefits the country?
  • Which is more essential in life? Effort or luck.
  • Can we say college education is a basic need for the youth in this new order?
  • Do educational grades have an impact on the children and in life?
  • Do movies really determine a person’s behavior? Illustrate using yes or no.
  • Does gardening have any superficial benefits?

How to write an academic essay

Below is an essay structure that will assist in the creation of an excellent article:

The topic research

Before starting any academic writing, you need to understand what the topic is about. This will be achieved by going over the subject several times to get where the catch is. Academic essay topics have a particular scope, and it is essential to determine what the topic requires so as not to go out of the topic. Conduct an examination of the topic so as to determine whether it is open-ended or specific. Topic research gives you the chance of selecting the resources that will be relevant to your subject.

Outline example:

Topic: The downside of movie theaters


Thesis statement: Movies are better watched at home than in the theaters.

  • The prices are high, especially when the movie is new and premiering.
  • Some people in the theatre can be annoying making your time regrettable.
  • Less comfort due to issues such as dirt, worn out seats, noise, among others.


This, therefore, shows that movies are more fun when watched from back at home than in the normal theaters.

An outline enables you to categorize the ideas in a manner that will offer meaning and sense. An outline also gives you the chance of exhausting all the selected points fully in every paragraph. Your outline should, therefore, assist in giving you an academic writing guide so as not to get stuck during the actual academic writing. Ensure that your outline has the thesis, the ideas of the body paragraphs, the evidence and the conclusion.

Thesis writing

The thesis for an essay is mostly included in the introduction of the article. A thesis is essential as it makes your ideas concrete and relevant. The primary purpose of the thesis of an academic article is to determine the main agenda of the academic article. The thesis should, therefore, be accurate, concise and debatable at the same time.

First draft

Create the first draft once you have identified your thesis. Writing the draft gives you the chance of jotting down all the ideas that are related to the selected academic essay. The draft should also follow the ideas you had created in the outline. Ensure that you have put the ideas in paragraphs. For easy comprehension, make sure every point have its paragraph.


The essay introduction is the first paragraph found in the academic essay. The introduction should try and gain the attention of the reader as well as identifying the main focus that will be discussed in the body of the academic essay. The introductions typically take up the role of academic essay hooks as they will determine whether the reader will want more of the article or not. The introduction for an essay is, therefore, a fundamental way of how to start an essay as it will shift the attention of the reader to the main objective of the article in question.

The body paragraphs

This is where the heart of the academic paper lies. The points should be posted clearly so as to show their connection with the thesis of the article. Ensure that the paragraphs flow so as to portray the argument clearly. You can use transition words so as to give the sections a connection.

Academic essay conclusion

The conclusion for an academic essay gives the summary of the article. The conclusion section gives you the chance of reminding the readers what the article was trying to argue. A conclusion is also a standard way of how to finish an academic essay as it will ensure the thesis statement for the academic essay is highlighted once more. You can also make the conclusion relevant by stating your main thoughts concerning the subject being discussed.

The second draft

The second draft will give you the chance of adding any information that you feel is relevant and might add the bulk to the topic being discussed. You need to do additional research so as to add content that is related to the subject. When you are done with the additional ideas, do some editing. Editing the draft will provide an avenue of sorting errors such as capitalization, spelling errors, and punctuations among others that can make the academic essay seem unprofessional.

Essay finalizing

An academic essay is not complete until it has undergone the proofreading process. Proofreading offers the chance of rereading the academic essay and removing all the errors that might have slipped through the writing process. You can also read the paper to an audience as they will give you opinions that are honest.

Academic essay writing tips

Academic essay writing tips give you the chance of producing an article that is standard and relevant to the readers. For help with relevant essay writing visit official site.

Some of the tips include:

  • Do research: Extensive research will make your article seem professional. Ensure you gather information from all the sources that you think will be relevant to you your subject.
  • Thesis statement: The thesis will determine how to write an academic essay as it will highlight the argument that you want to tackle. A thesis also defines the academic essay structure as the points are dependent on the hypothesis.
  • Do not use irrelevant details: they will make your article seem unprofessional and unappealing to the target audience.
  • Ensure that you have evidence that is reliable so as to make the argument more convincing.
  • Forgetting to cite your references correctly is a mistake that can make your article seem plagiarized and unrealistic.