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Review for South Africa Lotto

You might probably be reading this because you need advice on a new lottery to attempt! If you were keen in something that has ticket prices that are affordable, moderately positive odds when compared to other lotteries and a great jackpot, it would be good for you to attempt South Africa National Lotto.

This presents a typical lotto in the format of six from 49. Morocco, Canada, Bulgaria, Turkey, Romania and Poland as well as numerous other states have the same formats.

Below is information about what happens in South Africa, whether this is a legitimate lottery and whether it is worthwhile for you to use your hard-earned money on it.

How Genuine is South Africa Lotto?

The most important point is to verify whether this lottery is genuine. Fortunately, the answer is that this South African lotto is a totally valid opportunity that individuals who are keen in international lotteries can try.

This game was begun in 2000 and from then, it has gained a lot of fame in this state. ITHUBA Holding Proprietary is the operator of the game. This company was licensed in 1997.

Method of Playing

It is relatively simple to play South Africa lotto. One simple and affordable way is to go to an online lottery website such as Lottosend.com and buy genuine lottery tickets online. If you have prior experience with other lotteries, this will be a piece of cake for you! As previously stated, this game is 6/49 type.

This signifies that to be a jackpot winner, you need to select six numbers that match the specific draw. In case you do not get each of the six numbers right, you are able to win a smaller award when you get 5, 4, or 3 correct figures.

What Amount Are you able to Win?

In regard to choosing lotteries, numbers are one element that is most important. When we examine the actual results of the draw, 5.99 million rand (about 443,000 dollars) is the average jackpot won by people.

Being in possession of five correct figures as well as the number for lotto plus will offer a prize of around 186,000 rand. Five accurate numbers means approximately 7,276 rand and four accurate numbers together with a 1,560 rand lotto plus bonus.

Winning odds are around one in 14 million. Five accurate numbers together with the bonus present odds of 1 in 2.3 million while five accurate numbers present 1 in 55,000. Four accurate numbers together with the bonus, 1 in 22,000 and 4 accurate numbers, 1 in 1,000.

Is this Jackpot Tax Free?

Are you going to have your jackpot reduced by a huge amount after you have bought a winning ticket and won some money? This applies to majority of the lotteries throughout the world, except in South Africa.

In this country, lottery winnings are free from taxation though things might change. In 2011, a proposition was formulated by the government about presenting a 15% tax on each lottery winning that surpasses 25,000 rand.

As yet, the proposition has not been implemented but it is probable that local authorities are attempting to access this cash. In regard to your country’s local regulations, you may opt to consult an attorney or accountant in regard to taxation. In this manner, you can spare yourself serious problems in case you win a huge quantity of cash from an international lottery.

For more info visit https://www.uk49.net/

Buying Lotto Tickets

In order to play South Africa Lotto, you need to select a six number combination from numbers 1-49 and purchase one ticket or more. In case you do not wish to select the numbers, a computer can do this, through an option known as QuickPick that can be accessed at varied prices. This is determined by how many number combinations you desire to play.

Tips for Playing South Africa Lotto

Among the most crucial things you need to do in case you intend to play national lottery of South Africa is to track draws and winners every week.

If no jackpot has been won in the course of a specific draw, it shall be rolled over to the jackpot for the impending draw. Playing South African lottery shall be more sensible each time the jackpot exceeds a specific amount.

The lower profits are shared between each of the winners.  Of course, when there are fewer individuals guessing five numbers or four, this will lead to huger quantities for the winners.

Theories are available, regarding specific numbers that are drawn more often compared to others. For instance, 23 is believed to be a hot number and was drawn 16 times in the last 100 draws. If you trust things like these, it might be advisable for you to monitor hot numbers and choose these ones when presenting a ticket.

Is possible to purchase tickets for South Africa Lotto Online?

Being an international player means it is not possible for you to purchase a ticket for South African lotto via its official website. But, you can depend on agent platforms.

These platforms provide services to international players who have interest in varied lotteries from all sections of the globe. There are local agents in the platforms whose role is to purchase tickets for international players. After the ticket is purchased, a scanned copy will be emailed to you in order for you to have assurance that you shall join the future draw.

Advantages of South Africa Lotto

Playing South Africa national lottery will offer you a chance to experience a huge variety of important advantages:


  • Great odds when compared to other lottery selections.
  • Affordable tickets
  • It is possible for you to present any number of combinations you wish.
  • Each week has two draws.
  • If there are no winners, there is a rollover of the jackpot.
  • The jackpot is not taxed.
  • International players can access it.


It is definitely worth playing the national lotto of South Africa. This is a legitimate game and depending on previous draws rollover, the jackpot can increase to an appealing amount.

The game type of 6/49 also has favorable odds when compared to a lot of other selections. Therefore, you should not hesitate to use 25 cents on purchasing a ticket!




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