• Actually they CAN, If enough LIBTARDS report his tweets the will block him, they did that to me because they didn’t LIKE the truth, They do the same crap on Craigslist in “Rants & Raves” someone doesn’t like what you post, Report it!

      • Hey at least we “libtards” know more than any red neck, back woods, sister-marrying, gun waving, God screaming, PBR guzzling, nose-picking grade school dropouts who use some made up word like “libtards” because they aren’t bright enough to find actual words to use.. How nazitarded are you anyway?

        • It took all day and 3 generations of his family to accomplish this post. His mom just broke his jaw to get him off her tit and out of her basement. I think he’s pissed because the free ride on the back of the Tax payer is over.

          • And I thought I had to go do Home Depot for manure. Wow Kevin, didn’t know you knew such intimate detail of CharlieX. Are you bugging his house and stalking him? That is so Gestapo!

        • CharlieX, at least Trump supporters are patriots who love America, rather than you ignorant libertards who hate America and support the stinking, lying, corrupt Clinton crime family and the Godless, communist, Islamic Democrat Party. At least we were smart enough not to vote for a Muslim president in 2008 and be so stupid as to vote for traitor Obama a second time. Libertards are dumb as coal buckets and enemies to America. At least Trumps speaks the truth rather than spew lie after lie like all libertards does. The truth isn’t in you!!!!!!

          • Trump supporters are fucking ignorant idiots who believed a lying piece of orange shit who has no fucking idea or the brains and temperament to do anything for anyone other than himself

          • Well said. Trump isn’t a racist. The media took things out of his speech. He also wasn’t making fun of a disabled reported. Donald Trump caught him in a lie and called him out and the reporter started to get flustered and started stumbling over his words. He isn’t perfect, but I believe he loves America and the American people. Our Government is currupt and that’s why they don’t want Trump in the White House. They know that Trump will expose them. How anyone thinks it’s OK for ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS to come here without being checked out blows my mind. Especially if you have children. Islam wants us dead. If they read and follow the Quran than they are terrorist. They have said they are going to take over from the I side out. Obama is part of that. I don’t believe all Musslims are bad but how are we supposed to know who is who. If anyone wants to come here then they need to come LEGALLY. Trump was a much better choice then Hillary Clinton. She would of course finished what Obama started. I don’t even know how Trump is going to fix what Obama has done. Trump got saved and he isn’t perfect. But I believe he will do his best for our Country. God is our only hope. I believe we are in the End Times. Bible Prophecies are being fulfilled. I pray people wake up and excepts Jesus as their Savior before it is too late. God bless you all and God bless AMERICA.

          • No, they aren’t. The majority of them are ignorant bigots, flogged in the a xenophobic frenzy, terrified that ‘white’ is becoming the minority.

          • Sandra C.
            Pull your head out. You pissants like to think “globally” well globally whites ARE a minority. Why can’t we have our own countries populated almost entirely by whites, just like the countries in Africa populated almost entirely by blacks or the countries in Asia populated almost entirely by orientals? You don’t see anyone going to countries in africa where 95% of the population is black, telling them they are not diverse enough and they need to import whites, asians and hispanics. Why is that? Why aren’t black countries in africa called racist because they have hardly no whites or orientals living in them?

          • Daaaamn. You have had your head up your ass way too fucking long and eaten and re-eaten too much of your rotating-redigested wormy shit depleting every nutrient and destroying every brain cell resulting in what you have become – a trump pube.

          • John Hampton, you are not a patriot. You are a racist, homophobic, Islamphobic and probably a misogynist idiot if you believe Trump speaks the truth. Your hate for others is blatant.

        • …as opposed to conserviturds. and btw, truth is something you must not be much of a judge on, because they just got through fact-checking his statements, and he lies, 96% of the time his lips move or his fingers twit. He has twittered himself into a twat. Sir Thinskin Bitchbritches is in for rough sailing the next 2 years, until he loses majorities in both houses, with his despotism, and we impeach him and maybe hang him. Geez, the very thought is freakin’ GRAND!

          • ===========================================================

        • you sound like a pussy, aren’t you at all embarrassed to be a man and also a liberal? its so faggy, ewww, it is the biggest turn off to any girl to hear a man talking about how they voted for a saggy screechy voiced bitch to run this country – you are a girlyman and that’s all you will ever be. I bet you cant even change a tire

        • Apparently you don’t otherwise we’d be seeing Hillary in office. The problem is that online, Liberals have a tendency to be absolutely toxic, I’ve been dealing with them forever, receiving death threats, doxxing attempts, and I’ve laughed every single one of them off. I will not report them, and I will not sink to their level. They can’t find me thanks to my VPN, so I have nothing to fear. The problem is that Twitter is blatantly liberal, and it’s not even trying to hide it anymore. If Jack Dorsey (Who is going to kill Twitter very soon with this move or lose Twitter on January 20th as part of the migration movement that is gaining traction.) does this, he will kill Twitter, because Trump has increased site traffic immensely. People don’t want to deal with Jack, certainly not the many executives who have jumped ship on him, and since Gab is emerging as an outlet for all denizens of the internet (And not an alt-right platform like these idiots at CNN keep saying. Actually do some research, “journalists” tried to get Andrew Torba -Gab owner- to do phone interviews, but Andrew only agrees to do recorded interviews. CNN has been extremely rude and will not conduct legitimate information gathering, they instead opt to simply smear people that do not appear favorable.)

          The time of the liberal soap box is over, now is the time for the conservatives to speak freely. We will not stand for being slandered with racist, sexist, bigot, homophobic anymore. Liberals will learn that what they support is a farce, and that they will see what Donald Trump is capable of once he takes power from Obama. We are a superpower, it’s time to start acting like it or we’ll fall the same way Rome did. Slowly, painfully, and sickeningly.

          • Thank you!! We will Make America Great Again in spite of the losers who can’t accept reality…and just maybe their hold on the government teat.

          • Dopey. If Twitter is liberal and you don’t like it. Easy fix: Don’t use it. Tell me, is blacklisting some news services from his press conference denying them of their First Amendment rights?

        • Id say you know very little about truth were is all your info coming from mainstream news and media. When you people start showing me proof we can talk
          You better start fact checking his life he has done more goid in this world than 98% of the people. So with that note dont open you shit speader before you have facts to back it up

        • I always find it funny when a LIBTARD uses the word nazi – it is so obvious they are projecting. Everything about you fascists screams nazi, from the muslim loving president whose butt you kiss to the lying thieving murdering whore of a LOSER presidental candidate whose rotting pussy you lick. Were you aware your muslim loving president is supporting the people ( monsters really) who were happy allies with Hitler? Muslims couldn’t do enough to help Hitler. They begged him to send his SS to train muslims to fight for him in the Balkans, and the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem met with Hitler and whole heartedly approved of his final solution for the Jews. And the muslims are still happily carrying on Hitlers project to eradicate the Jews, but really it’s what they have been doing all along for 1400 years. So if anyone is a Nazi, here is you LIBTARDS, and you are too fucking stupid to know it.

        • You racist bigoted communist pig. You ignorant liberal are the most hate filled group in America today. And what you try to pass off as an education would barely be able to scrape the bottom of a real education. Further, you have not business talking about somebody making up words since that is a major liberal game plan point. You ignorant idiots make up words all the time. “Islamaphobe” is a fine example of that. Liberals are more violent than conservatives which can easily be proven by liberal actions before and after the election. So commietard get over your idiocy and get an real education.

        • Not everyone is a Redneck you facist pig! I live in NY born & raised here… Liberal loons such as yourself are what give NYC a bad name.

        • GEE !! I think your account should definitely be closed!!! Talk about vile mean,derogatory remarks!!! Donald has a right to say what he thinks same as anyone else. If he can’t then you definitely shouldn’t be allowed!

        • Some ‘Experts’ don’t think about the consequences of liberalism in a federal government dominated by Republicans about to have Supreme Court in their favor. Bad move, John. The Rook has that line in check.

        • And there you go, calling us Trump supporters names, just like hillary. Look at the election map…notice the red? If you are looking for divisive rhetoric, go back 8 years. And just who is it that is throwing temper tantrums? Compare those to us adults who lived silently under one of the worst, if not the worse, administrations the US has ever had. All the nonsense repeated in this article is exactly WHY CNN is no longer a reputable news source. Signed, glad to be a God fearing Trump Deplorable!

      • There should be a period after “they CAN”. A comma is the incorrect punctuation.
        Should be “they will block him”, not the.
        Should be a period after “him”. A comma, again, is not the proper punctuation.
        The very next word should be capitalized.
        A comma is required after “They did that to me”.
        A period should be after “truth”. Again with a comma not being proper punctuation.
        Should be a period after “Rants & Raves”.
        And the next line should begin with “If” someone doesn’t like what you post.

        Seriously this is common knowledge, that is taught in elementary school. And being on the phone is not an excuse. It is called “read before you post”.

          • Garbage Warren. That is just an American typesetters convention that is ignored in all civilized English speaking countries. The period goes where it logically should go in BrE. We don’t dumb everything down the way you braindead Americans do.

        • ===========================================================

        • Says the lying hypocrite faggot with a dick in his mouth and an anal plug up his ass. Hey look! Maybe the goat fuckers will catch you sucking off guys at your usual glory hole, and they will toss you off a roof top. Bye Bye!

      • Now how could anyone not want to hear from someone who’s nom de plume was “Nucking Figgers”?

        You are right on one thing… No Class Dirtbags can be blocked and deservedly so.
        Try using the time off to get a Fourth Grader’s grip on the rules of basic written English, Adolph.

        • Id say you know very little about truth were is all your info coming from mainstream news and media. When you people start showing me proof we can talk
          You better start fact checking his life he has done more goid in this world than 98% of the people. So with that note dont open you shit speader before you have facts to back it up

      • Everywhere I look online, I see photos of signs in business windows telling liberals to stay away. If they can do that, then twitter has every right to terminate his account. When we sign up for new social media accounts, we must agree to abide by their rules. Rules are for everyone. donnie should be setting an example for Americans, but instead he is acting like a 9 year old on a playground. This man has some SERIOUS issues.

      • Actually, they CAN. And they should. You see, Twitter is set up the way Republicans like: a private company. They have the right to delete any account if it violates their terms and conditions. And they have stated that Trump has done this many times. If they can delete the accounts of others whom violate these conditions, Trump is no exception. If anything, he should be held to a higher standard due to his position. I don’t blame Twitter. What they are doing, from the standpoint of a company AND as decent human beings, is a wise and respectable decision.

        • Actually I was thinking sometimes by his behavior , its what he wants. So he can get a T-shirt and people thru history will rally behind him as a hero . He is vein and proud of it. I think it would be his worse nightmare to be found in the bed with death of natural causes. I am not very happy with him. But he is my President and truth be told , I have voted in the past for Presidents who I have rode there ass all the way thru there term. And Trump will get the same from me nothing changes. I do believe in 2nd Amendment right. But I’m not sure how I feel when he threatens another country or person thru Twitter . As you have just threatened him here. If his wife really takes on cyber bullies. He has made her job a difficult task.

      • ALEX… You have now been turned in to the SECRET SERVICE and FBI. You WILL be arrested before the day is over for issuing a DEATH THREAT against the 45th President of the USA. You WILL BE ARRESTED.

        • That’s so much bullshit, LOLOL ~ oh, Charlie, you must be on some kind of really special meds to make that claim. For one thing, That POS isn’t President yet. For another thing, about 75% of all Americans feel the same. And lastly, the Secret Service doesn’t work that fast unless they perceive an actual credible threat. Which this isn’t. I’m totally down with Bullets for Trump! We could make it a MUSICAL 🙂

        • I hope that orange asshole chokes to death on Vladimir Putin’s dick. Is that a threat? No, just a pleasant wish. Piss off, douchebag

        • Yea, right! I think the secret service is so backlogged with threats to do away with Obama they have their hands full. I have seen so many death threats regarding Obama from far right radicals it’s overwhelming. I especially saw 100’s of them on Nation in Distress’s Facebook site. Why worry about liberals making death threats, the conservatives have all the guns!

        • yeah this is kinda like when trump encouraged the “second amendment people” to “take care” of hilary, huh?

        • Actually he won’t because he never directly threatened the president. See, I too would like to see him assassinated. You can go ahead and report me too, and I will laugh when nothing happens. Because neither of us actually said we would do it, which we obviously aren’t. Stupid rednecks.


      • So Trump somehow violates the TOS by saying Meryl Streep is an “over rated” actress, but you can call for him to be assassinated and that does not? FOAD you hypocrite POS.

      • Trump really created jobs alright, so many sniveling puss’ s buying tissues and crayons, , it’s putting people to work with more supply in need, then there’s the suicide rate on inaugeration day..funeral homes will be raking in the cash

    • Cnn and the rest of the liberal media are just scared Trump can communicate directly with the American peole and does not need the media or that they cant control the narrative. They are trying to silence his 1st amendment the most un-american they can do.

    • They silence regular people all the time. No one is entitled to a twitter. Restricting his access is not the same as silencing him entirely. No one needs to act like it is. The constitution should not even be referenced in regard to this.

    • I’d like to know exactly what he said that prompted this Twitter response? The last tweet I heard was that Meryl Streep is an over rated actress. Not sure about that, but she is a liar. Trump made fun of no one.

      • The media and liberals didn’t like what he was saying or the fact he was taking his word directly to the people. I am sure this will be investigated by the proper people and whatever news agency was behind this will suffer. WHAT IS THIS WORLD COMING TO WHEN ONE IS SILENCED BY THOSE WHO DON’T LIKE WHAT YOU SAY/THINK?

        • Omg are you serious? That is all Trump does. He threatens every person or entity that disagrees with him or says something he doesn’t like. What a bunch of thin skinned crybabies.

      • We all saw the video of Trump mocking the disabled reporter. There is no sense in denying that he did it since we all witnessed his disgraceful behavior. His lying about it now only makes it worse (“Are you gonna believe me or your lying eyes? “)

      • Why yes he did make fun of the disabled newsman? Don’t you remember how all of you laughed at how Old Donald was “Telling it like it is?”

        Guess what?

        Among civilized people, it ain’t like that.

      • Why in the world would Twitter do such a thing? If you want to shut the entire twitter down just keep up this kind of stuff. Someone will come up with another way for people to communicate. The millions of people that voted for Mr. Trump can find another way to communicate. Ya’ll are just plain stupid.

      • And I will be applauding when Trump and his cabinet – when they are in power – use the full force of the US Government the way Obama has the last 8 years against those who opposed them and make life uncomfortable for Twitter and its corporate leadership in the form of audits, regulations limiting certain internet practices, deregulation, throwing support behind anti-free speech discrimination lawsuits that will bankrupt the company regardless of they win or lose…shall I go on?

    • Just like Facebook, and most any other forum you post in, the owners can do whatever they want. And, BTFW, Freedom of Speech protects an individual from redress by the GOVERNMENT for what one says. It doesn’t mean one can say whatejimver the one wants without consequence. Christ, people are sofa king stupid…

    • Of course they can. If some dude is ranting racist stuff in your livingroom you are free to show him the door. “Freedom of speech” only means that the *government* cannot lock you up for what you think, but it does not shield you from criticism. The people around you have just as much freedom as you have, and cannot be forced to listen to you.

    • I agree in some way but why are they not taking that idiot rosemary@ account down she has been reall abusive , …… OH sorry she is a liberal so it is ok

    • Yes they can just like Facebook does if you don’t follow their TOS. He isn’t above that. It isn’t appropriate that he is saying some of the things he is saying. He sounds senile.

    • Is Twitter a public utility? Is it licensed by the FCC? No, it is a private corporation that offers a communication platform for users who follow their rules. I am totally amazed at people who are so clueless about the different rules that pertain to public (government) sites and private corporate sites.

      Your view is like saying that you have no right to block anyone from posting on YOUR person Facebook page. If you block someone abusive, you are denying them their civil rights! This argument is ridiculous but you appear to be applying it to a private company.

    • They sure can, Michael Sanders. Please explain to me how a sitting president can force a business to do what he, as an individual, personally desires without some act of Congress, et al? Also, would you mind explaining to me how that would *not* be the very definition of Fascism were he to fight their decision?

      I’m no A.B.A. member but i’ve watched enough Perry Mason to know his lawyers will have no standing.

    • actually so long as its against the terms of sevice, that donald agreed to when signing up, they can in fact remove his account. in fact any website you make an account can remove you from their site should you break their rules. which funfact also includes ban-evasion which donald would be committing should he make anymore accounts.

      iow think of every website as a company and banning/removal as being escorted off the premises while not being allowed back.

    • Twitter is like any other social media. If they think you’re a threat or a racist, they will shut you down.
      But if twitter really wanted to stick it to him, just block his ISP from tweeting.


      • The N word really? You are part of the problem. It’s 2017 grow up. Come up with a more intelligent way to speak to someone that you have issues with. All this hate is ridiculous… The racism is even worse. Don’t be that person. Be a better person.

    • NOT Fuck Trump!!! Fuck TWITTER!!! He has 1st amendment rights same as anyone else and i have not seen any of his tweets that are what these assholes are saying they are. Yes he called Meryl Streep and over rated actress??? OH!! The truth hurts???!!! He said it right!! SHe is and nobody wants to hear her political BS!! The election is over and people need to move on!

      • Trump broke the terms of service he agreed to when signing up. an agreement that once broken allows trump to be removed from the site. if he makes side accounts hes committing another act against the tos and thus bans him again.

        also he’s said a lot more than just that, you must’ve been lucky to avoid his other tweets.

    • Dont quit twitter…..thats what they want ….they want to silence you and me and anyone who disagrees with them……………goodness , what a blatant slanted and screwball thing they are doing.

    • Just rethink everything. Trump is not the man he does business with no regard to the little man that’s how he’ll treat the presidency. In addition, labor camps for employees because they are trying to prevent racism among other things from being spread to idiots like you?

      • “Just rethink everything” = Ignore the reality of what is going on. Trump saved America from Hillary Clinton. Twitter will not save America from Trump by deleting his twitter account. That will further embolden him. And you know what? I wish the American people and Trump all success in this new era. They need to destroy the evil, illegal inner workings of the Democratic and Republican parties, and really, if Trump is also a devil then there was no hope to begin with. So you best try to make it work instead of fear monger yourself about him! Because he’s the hope Obama promised to be.

    • I agree spread the word. #boycott twitter. I will spread this to everyplace I can. I think we can make twitters stock fall even more.

  1. It was social media that helped get Trump elected. As much as I think deleting someone’s account because of their political views is wrong I’ve seen some of the worst hateful post coming from people on the left and they never get deleted, why not. Is it because no one reports them or is acceptable only for them. Those who can’t handle the truth are the ones doing the reporting. If the truth hurts.. change it..

  2. Twitter is a private corporation. Anyone who signs up for their service agrees to abide by their terms of service agreement. If they fail to do that, the company is within their rights to ban them from use. I always thought conservatives were pro allowing corporations to run themselves? Guess not.

    • I agree they have that right, but they also have an obligation not to use double standards when they exercise it. I always thought Liberals were pro equality and free speech? Guess not.

    • As long as the rules are applied evenly. Twitter is not. Trump states that Meryl Streep is “over rated” and he gets shut down, while hollywood libtards call for his assassination and are inciting people to riot to stop Trump’s inauguration, but nothing happens to their accounts. Tuck twitter hypocrisy. I hope the company goes down hard, the owner loses everything and is homeless on the streets.

  3. So – I want to get this straight. A celebrity goes on TV and says things that aren’t true – she’s exercising her free speech. He responds – and he’s attacking her.

    • Mary – What did Streep say that was untrue ? What “things” ? She said Trump mocked a disabled journalist. That is NOT UNTRUE. We all saw him do it. We can review the tape on Youtube anytime to confirm our impression that he was indeed mocking a disabled man in a very crude way. His behavior was despicable and Streep was correct to call him out on it. Then he attacked her entire illustrious career by calling her “very
      over-rated”. Clearly he is saying that, not as an honest opinion about her talents, but only because she dared call him out on his despicable behavior with respect to the disabled man. He has a right to his own opinion about her talents, of course. But his response was childish and hateful, hoping to hurt her in some way, because his thin skin had been bruised by her comments. He lashed out like a five year old might. And yes it was an attack, not just the free expression of an opinion. Sad and pathetic. Especially for a future President of the United States.

  4. Typical Libtarded “safe space” BS. Twitter, Yahoo, CNN, ABC, CBS, etc. are all trying their hardest to make this into a nation off VAGINAS. 10 days, this crap is over.

  5. Not one quote from him to give evidence of his racism. Not one. But here’s a quote from the article that says it all.”The only thing Twitter is doing here is proving that they don’t care about freedom of speech.”

    • There’s no such thing as freedom of speech on a social platform that doesn’t belong to him. Same as if you’re in someones home and they like what you’re saying they can kick you out. Freedom of speech means he can’t get arrested for what he says… Big difference. Try using google to learn what freedom of speech actually means. You ignorant knuckle dragging crayon eating nose picking dummy.

      • But the rules must apply to everyone equally..ALL PEOPLE…and EQUALLY. It then becomes Illegal to single people out and apply a different or fictional standard to silence them. INTENT IS EVERYTHING.

        • They do apply to all. But also remember that the higher your position in society the more responsible you are for how your words affect others. YOU are responsible for any actions you inspire others to perform. Sometimes those are good actions and one should be grateful that they inspire those, but on the other side inspiring hatred, bigotry, violence is wrong and whoever inspires those acts is culpable.

  6. Freedom of speech does not mean: “Guarantee for publication in any given media”. It solely means that no one is allowed to suppress your opinion. So any media organisation can decide what messages they publish and what not.

  7. A January 10, 2017 CNN article titled, “Twitter Deletes Donald Trump’s Twitter Account: “We Will Not Tolerate Racism & Hate” CEO Jack Dorsey bans Donald Trump from using Twitter. Dorsey states, “Some people are saying that this is a freedom of speech issue, that we’re simply trying to silence people who disagree with us. This is not the case. As a private entity, Twitter has every right to ban abusive users. We expect all individuals who use Twitter to abide by certain behavioral expectations along with our terms and conditions. Donald Trump has failed to meet these expectations time and time again. He can find another website to spread his vitriol.” This coming from Dorsey who supports the racist, anti-police group Black Lives Matter (Black Lies Mob) “What do we want? Dead cops. When do we want them? Now. “Twitter will not tolerate active users, whose only message is one of hate, racism and intolerance.” That is a LIE. Apparently, Dorsey and his ilk have selective hearing. Trump’s message is not of hate, racism or intolerance, but of inclusiveness and putting America and Americans first.. It is the leftists, like Dorsey who are the intolerant ones.
    The article also quotes a leftist professor at Northern Arizona University, Cassandra Schmidt, who states, “Clearly, you have a man in Donald Trump who is dangerously incompetent and is a clear threat to everything this country stands for.” Donald Trump is far from being incompetent or dangerous (at least not dangerous to the American people). He is an accomplished, successful businessman, who loves this country and wants to Make America Great Again. Unlike Hussein Obama, who hates this country and wanted and wants to transform America. Speaking of competence, it is Obama who was/is the incompetent, dangerous one. Obama was a Community Agitator before becoming president and he continued to be an Agitator, while in the White House. She also does not know what this country stands for; when she claims Trump would be a threat to the country, when he will put America and American interests first. Trump, unlike Obama, supports law enforcement and believes in enforcing the law and providing security to the American people.

  8. Legally, Twitter can delete ANYBODY they choose to for any reason.

    Claims that Trump is a racist have been bouncing around since the beginning of the campaign, but have NEVER been supported in the least.

    However, Twitter is privately owned and can LEGALLY censor its content as it pleases.

    That does NOT necessarily mean that it can get away with it. It will lose membership and advertising revenues if it continues in this one-sided political campaign.

    Twitter will regret its actions.

    • Hmm, let’s see…you’re warning Twitter to allow The Drumpfster to continue using their app to spread his hate, racism, misogyny, bigotry and lies in order to not lose customers and money. It appears Twitter still has its soul, and refuses to sell it for material gain. That’s a good thing, isn’t it?

    • Hmm, let’s see…you’re warning Twitter to allow The Drumpfster to continue using their app to spread his hate, racism, misogyny, bigotry and lies in order to not lose customers and money. It appears Twitter still has its soul, and refuses to sell it for material gain. That’s something to be applauded, is it not ?

  9. Settler, racist, Twitter eliminates Donald Trump’s account under the cover of non-tolerance of “racism and hate”.

    WASHINGTON, DC (AP) – Twitter announced today that it will eliminate Donald Trump’s account sometime within the next 48 hours because of what the company calls “racist and divisive rhetoric of Trump.”

    “Donald Trump may have been elected to the White House, but at least someone can resist him, for the American people, and say,” No, Mr. President, “he said,” Twitter will not tolerate active users whose only message is hatred, racism and intolerance. “Trump, we’re not with you,” Paul Horner, a Twitter spokesman told reporters. “All he defends is back. His nomination of racist Steve Bannon, the way he unites hatred for Muslim peoples in this country, his support for white power organizations. He appointed a cabinet full of billionaires and standup millionaires for the middle and lower class. The person he puts in charge of the EPA denies climate change. Your person in charge of education does not believe in public education. The American people should not accept that. The children of this country deserve a leader who will build a successful future for them. Twitter will not help and instigate you as it makes a mockery of the presidency. We have no choice but to delete your account. ”

    Great shot. Twitter, like Meryl Streep, canastrona, Twitter did not want to know when Obama was helping level Saudi Arabia against Yemen, bombing funerals and wedding parties. Or when his “humanitarian intervention” in Libya was so disastrously wrong that it turned the country into a state of failure, allowing the terrorist group ISIS to blossom. Not even when the great unifier took the nickname “The Drone King,” as he expanded the US manned program and conducted ten times more attacks than George W. Bush. Also a Trump tradition will probably be very happy to defend. Where was the whore and the twitter when the black ordered the coup d’etat in Ukraine and set up the Nazis to kill and bomb the dinky Donbass people?
     Twitter is a hypocrite equal to the millions who have been in the wave of corrupt, Zionist, murderous Clinton, the cow of the media and the sheep of Twitter.

  10. wow.. okay everything stated above are facts you ignorant ass. you can thank Obama when WW3 begins over the stupid shit he has done in his last days.. or maybe you will believe when iran deploys its first nuke..

  11. He should have his Twitter account deleted because he’s got more important things to concern himself with as the President of the United States.

  12. 1st- Twitter has all the rights to shut down his account as he was abusing the account. Twitter does have rules for posting. Go read them. I don’t care if he is the president elect. BTW- He is the Minority President-Elect and not the People’s choice for President. All of you who keep on hounding how he is speaking to the people need to get that through you obviously thick skulls. The People of this nation did NOT Vote for him so get over it. He was voted in by spineless, gutless electoral votes that did not represent the people.
    2nd- By closing him down, his 1st amendment rights are not involved. Twitter has its Rules. You stray you pay.
    3rd- That he is threatening Twitter is Very, Very,Very disturbing. Megalomania is not a nice trait. Hitler did not look good with it either.

  13. This is wrong, You can delete the President Elect over the Cabinet chooses he makes. He has a job to do to Protect the America and the United States. This will not go over to smoothly to all the millions of people who support him and this will not go over smoothly for Twitter either. You are just making a very bad mistake

  14. Twitter is not violating Mr. Trump’s 1st Amendment rights. Their rules are clear and Mr. Trump consistently violates Twitter’s rules. They are not holding him to a higher standard than anyone else.
    Copied and pasted directly from Twitter’s rules:Abusive Behavior
    We believe in freedom of expression and in speaking truth to power, but that means little as an underlying philosophy if voices are silenced because people are afraid to speak up. In order to ensure that people feel safe expressing diverse opinions and beliefs, we do not tolerate behavior that crosses the line into abuse, including behavior that harasses, intimidates, or uses fear to silence another user’s voice.

    Any accounts and related accounts engaging in the activities specified below may be temporarily locked and/or subject to permanent suspension.

    Violent threats (direct or indirect): You may not make threats of violence or promote violence, including threatening or promoting terrorism.
    Harassment: You may not incite or engage in the targeted abuse or harassment of others. Some of the factors that we may consider when evaluating abusive behavior include:
    if a primary purpose of the reported account is to harass or send abusive messages to others;
    if the reported behavior is one-sided or includes threats;
    if the reported account is inciting others to harass another account; and
    if the reported account is sending harassing messages to an account from multiple accounts.
    Hateful conduct: You may not promote violence against or directly attack or threaten other people on the basis of race, ethnicity, national origin, sexual orientation, gender, gender identity, religious affiliation, age, disability, or disease. We also do not allow accounts whose primary purpose is inciting harm towards others on the basis of these categories.
    Multiple account abuse: Creating multiple accounts with overlapping uses or in order to evade the temporary or permanent suspension of a separate account is not allowed.
    Private information: You may not publish or post other people’s private and confidential information, such as credit card numbers, street address, or Social Security/National Identity numbers, without their express authorization and permission. In addition, you may not post intimate photos or videos that were taken or distributed without the subject’s consent. Read more about our private information policy here.
    Impersonation: You may not impersonate others through the Twitter service in a manner that is intended to or does mislead, confuse, or deceive others. Read more about our impersonation policy here.
    Self-harm: You may encounter someone considering suicide or self harm on Twitter. When we receive reports that a person is threatening suicide or self harm, we may take a number of steps to assist them, such as reaching out to that person expressing our concern and the concern of other users on Twitter or providing resources such as contact information for our mental health partners.

  15. This is a site that when you sign up, you agree to its terms of service. If he has violated the terms of service, then he is no different than anyone in this country and his ass can be booted off.

  16. NOOOOOO, don’t delete his Twitter account, let him continue making a FOOL of himself! He has the right to be an epic moron!

  17. This story comes from CNN, so I would take it with a grain of salt. Make that a whole salt mine. I find it HIGHLY UNLIKELY that Twitter would be so stupid as to delete Donald Trump’s Twitter account. This is just another example of libtard propaganda.

  18. Twitter is a platform. They reserve the right to shut down any account. If you want to exercise your 1st Amendment Rights you have to create your own platform. When you sign up for your account you agree to platform rules…. Remember the box you checked when you started your account? Twitter has done nothing wrong.

  19. Twitter is a private agency & they can delete anyone’s account. They’re not limiting his freedom of speech, they’re just refusing him the use of their platform. There’s a whole crew of reporters waiting to publish on him which provides him with a lot more freedom of speech than most people. Maybe he’ll just have to start speaking outside of his bubble.

  20. Only the government can be held to account for denying freedom of speech.
    If you think you know what you’re talking about you would have already known that…
    “Some people are saying that this is a freedom of speech issue, that we’re simply trying to silence people who disagree with us. This is not the case. As a private entity, Twitter has every right to ban abusive users. We expect all individuals who use Twitter to abide by certain behavioral expectations along with our terms and conditions. Donald Trump has failed to meet these expectations time and time again. He can find another website to spread his vitriol.”

  21. Does anybody realise that the insane satanic globalists are behind obama’s moves and that nuclear war is an extinction level event?!!!! Hello!! – it means men, women and children (as well as most other life) – ALL DIE!!! If you think you can survive a nuclear war – you’re wrong!!!!!!!!

  22. CNN and Twitter are anti human. Every things Trump believes is correct. You are part of the NWO and Obama is your god. He has destroyed this country and you say nothing. We the people will defund you. You are irrelevant with your upside down world you preach. No government is not the answer to mans problems. They are the source. Trump gets it, you don’t.

  23. I’ll need to see real proof to clarify this report.
    If it is indeed true, then I’m doing my happy dance,
    ’cause T-Rump is a stuck-up pinko-Nazi piece-of-$#!+ who’s not worthy
    to be the leader of ANYTHING!!

    I don’t trust Clinton, nor Trump, nor the corporate media,
    as they spew out a lot of propaganda nowadays!!

    And if I was to move anywhere else, it would be to the Spirit World to be with the Creator.
    I don’t see any sense of staying here on this Earth anymore
    if society has decided to become too arrogant, selfish, stupid, greedy!!

    Whether I be alive or I be dead, I say unto you…

  24. The country like US to teach another world to be tolerance and to support democracy. But own politics banned from Twitter for his political point of view?

  25. In einem, aus deutscher Sicht betrachteten, demokratischen Land wird vom Volk ein Präsident gewählt. Dieser benutzt zur Kommunikation mit dem Volk die sozialen Medien.
    Ein Dienst entschließt sich nun den Account zu sperren. Wenn dies Twitter bisher nicht konsequent bei allen Usern getan hat, dann halte ich diese Entwicklung langfristig für gefährlicher als eine max. 8 Jahre dauernde Amtszeit.

  26. How much more money does twitter want to lose? It’s varying interpretation and selective enforcement of its “policies,” are among the biggest jokes in the media. Now it wants to have a pissing contest with Trump? We know twitter is going down; does it hope to go down in flames?

  27. Twitter is a COMPANY, not a government entity – they have no obligation to protect his ‘freedom of speech’ and can delete any user they wish who breaks their codes of ethics. What is so difficult for Trump supporters to understand about this? If Twitter were owned by the government and deleted people they disagreed with or blocked them from posting, THEN it would be unconstitutional, but Twitter is free to do as it wishes, it isn’t obligated to give anyone a platform for hateful rhetoric!

  28. He doesn’t need Twitter to communicate . they need him more than he needs them . They have done a very foolish thing that only shows their savvy marketing skills that are in decline.

  29. do whatever to make it the hardest for him to do his evil, billionaire club, hateful, environment destroying for the oil industry, robbing of builders and workes pay at his hotels, narcissistic ignorant of politics retard being

  30. The following are your ‘reasons’, not his supposedly hate and racist comments on Twitter!
    Donald Trump may have been elected to the White House, but at least someone can stand up to him, for the American people and say, ‘No Mr. Trump, we are not with you,’” Paul Horner, a spokesman for Twitter told reporters. “Everything he stands for is backwards. His appointment of racist Steve Bannon, the way he unites hate for the Muslim people in this country, his support of white power organizations. He appointed a cabinet full of billionaires and millionaires to standup for the lower and middle class. The person he puts in charge of the EPA denies climate change. His person in charge of education doesn’t believe in public education. The American people should not accept this. The children of this country deserve a leader who will build a successful future for them. Twitter will not aid and abet him as he makes a mockery of the Presidency. We have no choice but to delete his account.”

  31. But the hollywood libtards can use twitter to call for Trump’s assassination, and say all kinds of things that violate the the TOS…. was even one of their accounts terminated because of the threats and despicable comments they made about Trump? They are still on twitter calling for FUCKING RIOTS to disrupt the inauguration, but THAT DOESN’T VIOLATE TOS?????

  32. I am LMAO at all the comments on here! Here’s the bottom line folks……………………………………………………………DONALD J TRUMP IS THE PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THE END.

  33. “Trump supporter Lawrence Ketchum believes that Twitter is violating the President-elect’s freedom of speech.”

    Twitter deleting Toupee Trump’s account has nothing to do with the freedom of speech. Trupee used his freedom of speech on the website and it backfired. Twitter has it’s own terms and conditions of use and if they believe somebody has not been abiding by the rules (or has been receiving a lot of reports from other users) they have every right to ban or delete that account.

    It doesn’t matter who you are when you are on the internet. Everybody gets the same treatment regardless of rank or class.

  34. This is BS …. I haven’t heard one RACIST comment from Trump on twitter. They just don’t like hearing the TRUTH ! Since they think it’s OK to delete Trump’s account then they should delete 90% of the accounts !!!

  35. Everywhere I look online, I see photos of signs in business windows telling liberals to stay away. If they can do that, then twitter has every right to terminate his account. When we sign up for new social media accounts, we must agree to abide by their rules. Rules are for everyone. donnie should be setting an example for Americans, but instead he is acting like a 9 year old on a playground. This man has some SERIOUS issues.

  36. What is this talk about labor camps, among other things you DEMONRATS are talking about. This is the lies that the media tells you, and you believe it. You believe everything they say. Trump has never said that people will be put into labor camps. Since you mentioned it, Obutthead is the one that has, with FEMA, set up camps all over the country for people that fight against him and Shitlery, assuming she won. So whatever you have heard, or made up on your own, is complete bull. You are all brainwashed MORONS. And as for the idiot that said all of us Trump supporters are toothless, bully hicks from the hills of Kentucky, basically, must be from there to state something so idiotic. I was born and raised in L.A. Left there when it was clear that the DEMONRATS were taking over. I am college educated, have an IQ of 168, and have all my teeth. I am just much smarter than the DEMONRATS which are the uneducated ones. Not to mention have NO common sense, and believe everything that they are told by the media, cause they have no thinking capabilities on their own. You are all mentally ill, and need some deep mental help before you run out of crayons and play-doh.

  37. Thank you Twitter for doing what our Government NEEDS to do! Stop traitor trump!!! …when putin’s pussy grabbing traitor trump farts…..and say’s it’s not his stink, we all suffer. Better for Twitter to do the right thing and shut down traitor trump, than for millions of Muslims, LGBT, Women, Mexican and more to suffer. THANK YOU TWITTER!!!!

  38. Twitter you are wrong, you taking his freedom of speech away, I haven’t heard him, being racist on there, Meryl Streep deserved what he said her for her put down about him in front of millions of people, I’ve never seen such a generation as ours that disrespect people in office. especially the president elect, it’s more like a battle against good and evil. Trump being the good. He won’t be the NWO’s puppet and they hate him for it. Well I know that God is on his side and so do millions of others. I’m praying for my president elect.

  39. WOW……I see a lot of accounts here that need to be deleted! Many of them offend me as a conservative. That’s a reason to delete them isn’t it? Surely, many of the messaged on here cannot be according to your “terms of service” for this “public” communication system you have invested yourself in.. Speaking of offering this as a way for the public to communicate…..when you start “deleting” accounts on the basis of what you may disagree with ..many of which I might disagree with.,,,,.are you not impeding the “freedom of speech” of people who used your system of communication? I, myself, would like to be able to draw my own conclusion about what I believe or not, I dare say that I and the majority of people on here are fully competent to tell the difference, The most truly disturbing part of your system is the language you allow to be used…which personally, I am extremely offended by. Sometimes..,.no many times,,,its hard to figure out idea they are trying to get across when there is such offensive language being used. Do you have any policies on that? I was always taught that when a peron begins using vulgar language, they have run out of word to communicate with as a result of lack of education or “raising” !! So which is it? Is it that your don’t think that we can think for ourselves or that part is ok as long as you allow such language which is very offensive and that is ok with you? If so, that tells me a lot about your own standards which right now are in quesion as far as I’m concerned

  40. i”m at odds with a lot of people because trump is a good man an i am watching him he hasn’t rely don anything wrong obama did more shit eating crap in his moments of waiting inauguration then trump ever did hate is coming from obama not trump every one that is against trump are the racist ones every one against trump are murderers because you voted for some one who is that and now the voters against trump are killing raping and robbing hmmm you munkytards sound tooo too much like terrorists to me go or your the perfect egsample of the Wizard of Oz’s scarecrow ‘if only you had a brain and i hope Donald J. Trump repromends all of the media and that uncludes twitter for there un-lawful actions twards the american people when you deleat something of the president and the presidents citizens the people dont like it that means you violated there rights and the presidents rights to free speech you hillary voters got your8 years with obama now let us fix the United states of america! and let you maybe wreck are country after trump is don with his 8 years i hate scum bags and any one who thinks they are above the law and god are just demonic entities to me only a demon could kill like a Muslim jihadist is a demon not a saint there is nothing saintly about killing some one for virgins in heaven i hope there virgins are waiting them in hell stealing there is a place in hell for stealers and so forth and so every one knows there is just as much evidence that hell is real place where we get tortured till are sins are striped from are body’s WE THE DEPLORIBALS AS THE HILLORY VOTERS AND HER SELF CALL US ARE FED UP! YOU THINK IT IS NOTHING BUT IT RELY IS SOMETHING WHEN YOU AFFECT THE WORLD IN A NEGATIVE WAY!!!.

  41. Totally not a freedom of speech thing. Nobody from the government is preventing him from speaking his mind. However, Twitter doesnt have to be a platform for his speech. Twitter has a right to control its platform in any way deemed fit by Twitter as a private organization. How many times do we need to go over this? Twitter, Facebook, Google+, Snapchat, Instagram….you’re not entitled to have accounts there. You’re not granted a right to have an account. Each and every one of these social media platforms has a terms and conditions policy which includes community rules. If violated, you’re out. No appeals. You cant sue them (well I guess you *could* but you’d lose, and lose badly). Twitter has been banning people for hate speech for a long time. Why would they make exception for Trump? Because he’s a celebrity? Because he’s a President? Making exceptions like that is textbook fascism.

  42. After reviewing the comments here it is plain to see that the communist liberal bigoted racists are in high attendance here. Of course if the idiots had a real education they would know they are communists and stop trying to deny it. There is a reason that CNN has been dubbed the Communist News Network. And apparently after looking at the majority of those posted here it is a well deserved title.

  43. Wow, Twitter punishing someone for off-Twitter activity? I don’t agree with what Trump did, but did he appoint Steve Bannon or his millionaire cabinet on Twitter? Those are some of the Reason Twitter cited. Did he appoint climate change denier to EPA, on twitter, or Twitter is ready to remove all climate change denial belief/speech on Twitter? This is a slippery slope.

  44. No matter who you are, you have to follow the same rules that everyone else must. If you violate a policy, you should be held acountable. It doesn’t matter if he’s the president, he broke Twitter’s internet rules and we can’t start making exceptions to policy.

  45. funny i read all the above comments coming from a society that thinks its ok that this kind of press a Mexican woman and white woman and black against white all deserve more attention… than a mentally handy caped man being tortured by 4 people. that got all of 2 seconds worth of notoriety and it hit a 10 on the hate scale and your all crying about donald… OMFG how stupid have we become.

  46. Everyone, make a Trump name based Twitter Accounts to make him lose possible accounts. Even if he gets one who’s to believe which is real.

  47. It’s so sad that this conversation thread is representation of how our country is heading down the toilet. I saw no more than a handful of intelligent remarks and 98% of nothing but name calling…on both sides. Both parties have some serious issues and until they can learn to work TOGETHER in an effort to improve OUR nation and ITS people, things Won’t. Get. Better. All of this hateful word spewing at each other does NOTHING to make the situation better. I couldn’t care less that his Twitter account is deleted. And he shouldn’t be causing an uproar and calling upon lawyers because his “paci” got taken away. He’s PRESIDENT-ELECT; whether I or you want him there or not, there are a HELLUVA lot more important things to be concerned with. Instead of tweeting because your butt-hurt about what someone said about you…how about show EVERYONE through you’re actions that you’ll prove them wrong and can do better??

    STOP pointing fingers and name calling. Start acting like adults and look for common ground: We have a country we all love. We should want this country to be great again. We should want to continue enjoying those rights the Constitution provides us. We have children we should want to leave our legacy to. THAT should be our focus. We need to start exercising our rights and make the politicians do better. This is a democracy. THEY work for US. Until we as citizens ban together and deman change, it won’t get better. And if we can’t communicate in a public forum like educated adults… we are all F*CKED.

  48. silly professors: Trump has every right to freedom of speech just like anyone else. But Twitter is not “the commons.” Just like any individual website, which has the perfect right to have rules and standards, and ban people for not abiding by them. Just like the lobby of the Trump Tower. If I went in there to yell anti-Trump slogans, Trump would have every right to kick me out, and if I whined about “freedom of speech,” I’d be wrong. Just like if you went to your girlfriend’s house for dinner, and started insulting her parents for their political views, they have every right to kick you out of their house. Nothing to do with freedom of speech.

  49. Good God, how deluded are these people at Twitter? Not one of their justifications is even true. They just swallow up every liberal propaganda lie.

    Good riddance to Twitter! Can’t wait to see them go bankrupt.

  50. Oooooooh I am gonna miss those ridiculous thoughtless rants,… a window into a troubled mind. better to have him tweeting then his rubbish, so we can be prepared for his next actions… ” how it goes..? ” keep your friends close, but keep your enemies closer”.. better to know the mind of a madman, than to be surprised by actions of one.

  51. So twitter removes Trump page. I have a question why twitter does not remove HEZBOLAH, HAMAS, PHATAH pages. Pages of organization who murder inocent people. Or it is ok because they kill jews? Hate against jews or Israel is it ok?
    I just do not get liberal logic.

  52. Go Twitter Go! And what is Trumps answer – a threat! Of course. He had been warned previously if I recall correctly. Anyway even worse is he will get the POTUS one next.

  53. I applaud Twitter for this decision if they follow through.We all have to stand together against the hate that is coming from Mr.Trump and those who hate with him.The more people and sites who stand against hate the better off we will all be,yes our children are watching what we all do now.How we all handle this situation with Donald J.Trump will matter.
    This country belongs to the people,we can not allow one man and those who surround him to take away what is ours.We all have the responsibility to let all people (especially our children) know that hate is not what should guide them.
    The president-elect Trump should not be allowed to keep a Twitter account when it is full of hate and hate against anyone who disagrees with him.I do not want my children to see the things he says,I do not want them to act out because of the man who will soon be the Leader of the Free World.This is the first time in my life I have had to explain to my children and/or grandchildren that this man will be your boss,but your boss is wrong.I have taught them to always stand up against any hate or bullying that they may witness or be apart of.I never thought I would have to explain to them that Trump is a very hateful person and that they need to just ignore his arrogance and ignorance.
    To those above:We are not talking about Barack Obama,we are talking about Trump and hate.Maybe you should check out both of these peoples accounts and tell us the difference.
    Have a great day and I want to thank the folks at Twitter for standing on the side of right.We all have to stand up at one point in our life,I hope more people will follow what Twitter may do here.We have no room for those who want to divide and hate,we will pay a very high price for the hate if it goes unchecked.

  54. I tried looking for the word gullible in two dictionaries and I couldn’t find it. Can you Trump supporters please find me and post the definition on this bulletin board please?

  55. My supposition is their terms of service apply to everyone equally, not everyone except someone. Twitter is a business with a terms of service. Possibly Trump could start his own up though, he has the cash. Maybe Twatter..

  56. this article is idiotic. let’s see what he can do for America first before we judge him. Because think about it. What if he’s right? (some parts) The press, bias, I dont believe in the press anymore. The media they are shits.. They talk and talk, and we NAIVELY listen to them. Well, got a message for u cabals, U will not last long.

    MAJORITY of America has spoken, Trump wins, respect that. Give him a chance.

    So u Trump haters, just give him a chance, he wins, fair and square. And lastly do ur own research. Google lied, facebook lied, and NASA the fucker also LIED.

    <3 <3 <3 Have no fear, only love

  57. This is the best decision from Twitter…They stand with people against of the hate…Trump use Twitter to expand his hate and racist idea…

  58. Snowflakes..yeah..and WINTER IS COMING ya facist loving noobs..GET READY..we won’t sit back and let some moronic liar like Trump, ruin our country. #IMPEACHTRUMP

  59. twitter you are just bunch of fuckin pussies nothing more .. you will talk otherwise when some mohamed will blow himself in front of your office.. I m going to delete my account right now fuck you

  60. Why not mr. Trump start a new online communication and let twitter fall into pieces. You Americans who were born there are so blind, here your President is only trying to have best for you and your children, you are so foolish. And you will pay for it, go ahead and don’t stand behind him you think your dollars can last forever?