Trump To Build World’s Largest Stadium Around Section Of Wall For “Mexican Gladiator Battles”: “If They Make It Over My Wall, They Can Stay”

Donald Trump Mexican Gladiator Stadium for games
Donald Trump says he will build a stadium around a section of his wall for "Mexican gladiator games".(AP Photo / Dennis System)

WASHINGTON, D.C. (AP) — Today President Donald Trump gave more details about the 2,000 mile long wall he plans to build along the U.S. and Mexico border.

“We’re gonna build the world’s biggest stadium around my wall, and it will be a great stadium, the best you’ve ever seen,” Trump told reporters. “And we’ll have fighting, some of the greatest battles since the Roman Colosseum. And my wall will go right through a section of it, and if a fighter proves himself worthy, we will give him a chance to make it over my wall, and if that gladiator gets over, he will be granted a U.S. Citizenship by myself, personally.”

Though not everyone is excited about the stadium as Trump. Paul Horner, President of Amnesty International, said he disagrees with the President.

“This is a clear human rights violation,” Horner said. “It doesn’t matter what race or religion or if they’re American, they have rights, as human beings. They are not here for our entertainment.”

The stadium is set to seat 170,000 people at one time. That is 50,000 more than the stadium in Pyongyang, North Korea; the world’s current largest stadium.

Trump’s stadium, appropriately named, “Trump Stadium”, is set to open in the fall of 2018 in El Paso, Texas. The stadium is set to cost tax payers a whopping $3 billion dollars, which Trump claims will be recouped in attendance and merchandise fees within 3 years.

Trump tweeted about the new stadium to his followers on Twitter.

“We’re gonna build a stadium around a section of my wall for Mexican gladiator games. And it will be a great stadium, the best one ever!”

The Trump Administration has set up a 24-hour hotline to address any questions and concerns the public may have regarding Trump Stadium. The number for that hotline is (785) 273-0325.



  1. Get ready for the hippies and Libtards or the world to try and put an end to something that would just be so great! They’re always ruining good things!