Top Reasons To Incorporate Weights In Your Exercise Routine

weights in exercise routine

People have become busy when it comes fitness and exercising. Most of them complain they do not have time. In order to lead a happy and energetic life, it is very important for you to exercise daily. Beginner exercises like running, walking, jogging are great for cardiovascular health but in order to bring strength to your body, you must incorporate weights in your exercise regime. Weights will give you the perfect body shape that tones and makes you strong. Moreover, they help you lose body fat faster and ensure you get a body that is not only healthy but good looking as well.

Weight training and its benefits to health

Fitness experts from Trampoline Park say that when it comes to lifting weights there is a misconception that only men should be in the weight lifting zones. This is wrong. It is very important for women to be introduced to weights as well. The degree of weights will differ from person to person however when it comes to lifting weights they have equal benefits for men and women. The most important thing that women should note is that weights will not make you bulky at all. The following are some of the major reasons why you should step forward and begin weight training under an experienced professional today-

  1. Improves the body metabolism- It is important for you to build muscle as you lose them day by day. This means with age you tend to lose muscle and become weak especially when it comes to doing daily chores like walking, lifting grocery bags etc. Experts from leading fitness company state that when it comes to weight training you are building muscle day by day. This increases your resting metabolic rate known as RMR. This means when you are resting or sleeping, you are still burning calories.
  2. Improves your endurance- With weight training your endurance levels increase. When you do not have muscle, you become fragile and weak. It is like climbing three flights of stairs with a heavy grocery bag and not losing breath when you reach the top of the stairs. This means you gain endurance and do not become weak very fast.
  3. Improve your appearance- As mentioned above most women do not wish to go in for weight training as they believe that they will become bulky like a man. The truth is that women do not have the male hormone called testosterone. This means they will not develop muscle. Weight training helps women to tone their bodies and improve their posture as well.

Weight training helps in the prevention of chronic conditions like high blood pressure, obesity, joint pain and obesity. Regular strength training workouts can do wonders to your overall strength and health. At the same time, it is important for you to ensure that you do weight training under the supervision and guidance of a skilled fitness instructor. This will help you in a large manner to get the toned and perfect body you always dreamt of.

Author bio: Glenda Jones from is a fitness trainer for women and customizes weight training programs for them for stamina and endurance training.


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