Top 10 Reasons Why I Love Donald Trump

why I love Donald Trump

#10 His Hilarious Comedic Acting Skills

“Trump captured the true essence of that disabled reporter better than anyone could have. Simply amazing! Nailed it!”

~ Tom Downey
USA Today


#9 He Is A Good Friend

Donald Trump and Putin on horseback“With Trump and Putin it’s always bros before hoes.”

~ Sarah Bradley
New York Times


#8 Trump Enjoys The Finer Things In Life

Donald Trump golden showers
“With this man it’s all about caviar dreams and golden showers.”

~ Thomas Sinclair
The New Yorker


#7 Donald Trump Is Sensitive To The Needs Of Women

Donald Trump grabs women
Trump: “I grab women by the pussy.”

Trump Understands That Eight Times Is Still Not Enough

I love how Trump wants a stronger military when we already spend more than the next 10 strongest military countries combined…. something like that

Because Climate Change Is Stupid


  1. He is an insulting piece of garbage, keep his writings to himself, I never read any of his writings, wasn’t interested in doing so. But like most Liberal Democrat’s he has taken out of context, events that have been repeatedly explained by others that understood the contents. What Democrat’s should be doing is gathering up information on why they lost so terribly, and how in the future to correct the situation, I can tell them one thing is they need to learn to tell the truth. When you tell the truth nothing stands in your way because the truth is always there. but a lie changes according to the situation. I am thankful to God that he heard and reacted to the voice of the people that cried for help and he sent his Trumpet to guide our Country. Trump according to prophecy will serve two terms so get use to him being around for awhile.