Time to Reap Big from your Competitors’ SEO Strategies

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Most businesses do not realize that their competitors’ SEO strategies can provide a benchmark for developing or improving their own. If you are in the same business, there is a high likelihood that your SEO strategies are similar. This means there is a way in which you can reap big by simply studying your rivals’ techniques. You do not need to copy them. You need to learn from their mistakes while also improving on their already existing strategies. To achieve this, you will have to consider three areas in their strategies.

  • Content Scheduling

It is assumed that every businessperson understands that fresh content is necessary for great SEO. The only unanswered question is; how often should such contents be posted? To solve this puzzle,it is important to analyze how your competitors schedule their content. How regularly do they post their content? Which keywords do they capitalize on? You also need to note the variation in topics and target persons. Your postings should be consistent in order to keep your audience glued.

You can get your competitor’s posting calendar. However, most companies do not share their posting calendars publicly with the rest of the world. As such, it might seem impossible getting your hands on such information. That shouldn’t mark the end of the road. Instead, you need to be in a good position to analyze postings from their website. From their websites, you can make dedication on the frequency of posting, commonly used content forms, and widely covered topics. After looking at your competitor’s content schedule, you can either adopt it or improve on it. If for instance, your competitor posts once in a month, you can get an edge over them by posting every week.

  • Content Production

While regular content generation is recommended, everyone understands that you cannot substitute quality for anything else. You must be able to generate authentic and captivating content. You can take lessons from your competitors’ contents. Analyze and compare how your competitor produces their blogs. This should give you an idea of the things to include in your blog. Assess how they incorporate the use of infographics and videos.

The decision on whether to use in-house professionals or outsourcecan also be arrived at by examining what your competitor does. Are they hiring external writers? By digging deeper into this, you can gain insight on who to engage in content development. Away from what to include and who to outsource for content production, analyzing the content production strategy of your rivals also helps you when preparing your budget.

You should be able to learn how they allocate their resources and use their budgets. Do they hire professionals to create their videos? Knowing how your competitor produces their content helps you realize how best to take advantage of their content creation strategies. Knowing the particular professional your competitor has outsourced might not be easy. However, you can guess it from the branding in the blogs, podcasts, and infographics. This may give you an idea of the company your competitor has contracted.

Once you have established the professionals your competitor has contracted, say, for instance, Grant McArthur SEO, analyze their profile to determine whether there will be need to use the same professionals or opt for other alternatives in the market.

  • Content Presentation and Marketing

In order to obtain great viewership, boost traffic to your website and gain quality backlinks to your site, it is prudent that you present and market your content the right way. That makes it necessary to analyze your competitor’s presentation and marketing strategies. Marketing can involve the use of social media and backlinks from other websites. You need to learn how to brand your business using social media. Social media sites such as Twitter attract large audiences so you can use them to draw traffic to your website.

Find out how your competitor uses social media to step up their SEO campaigns. How do they engage their audience? Out of the contents they use, which ones perform best? If you notice attention and traffic resulting from certain contents, you might want to try that too. You can have several Twitter accounts giving backlinks to your website whenever they post anything. Also, have backlinks to your website posted on other websites. The social media presentation of your competitor helps you know the audience they are targeting and informs your decision on the customers to go after. You can gain further insight by simply going through the comments or replies.


Benchmarking from your competitors’ SEO strategies can help you grow your business. You can learn from both their successes and past mistakes. You will also be able to avoid trial and error, which can be costly.

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