A Short Guide to Choosing a Pair of Tennis Shoes Like a Pro


Novak Djokovic, Serena Willimas, Roger Federer, Venu Williams, Rafael Nadal, Andre Aggasi, Maria Sharapova; if you  have an idea who these people are, it is highly likely you have a keen interest in tennis. Whether you play for fun or you have ambition to turn pro in future, these mercurial figures offer great inspiration. This is one of the fastest growing sports with over 17.9 million people playing in the US lone.

However, it takes more than inspiration to enjoy a good game of tennis. You have to practice hard and to get the most out of your training, you have to wear the right shoes.

The Crucial Role of Tennis Shoes onthe Court

Tennis is a very intense individual sport and when you are on the court, you are required to give it your all. In fact, lack of effort is punishable unlike in most other sports. Your experience on the court will be determined by both your effort and the gear you wear.

A pair of tennis shoes is more than a fashion statement on the court because this determines how comfortable, flexible and safe you are when flying up and down the court. You have probably seen players who are always getting injured and wondered why this happens. Most likely, they are wearing the wrong pair of tennis shoes.

Buying the Right Tennis Shoes

Unlike your ordinary shoes, buying tennis shoes requires more careful consideration. Among the factors you should consider as you choose a pair of tennis shoes include:

  • Your style of play –There are different play styles including serve, volley and baseline play. The different styles call for different types of shoes.
  • Cushioning – Polyurethane cushioning is heavier, more durable and more stable. EVA on the other hand is lighter allowing for faster movement. Look for good cushioning but don’t go for shoes that are too soft.
  • Comfort – You will be running up and down the court for an hour or more, which calls for comfortable tennis shoes. Look for tongue padding to avoid injury by the laces and always break into the shoe before playing.
  • Shoe sole– The traditional herringbone pattern works best for hard courts while small rubber studs will work best for grass courts to avoid slipping.
  • Sturdy construction – Tennis playing requires sudden movement and the shoe you wear must have lateral support to hold your feet steady.
  • Type of feet – There are three foot types; overpronation, neutral and underpronation. Each works best with a specific tennis shoe type; normal arch, low arch or high arch.

When shopping for a pair of tennis shoes, talk to a knowledgeable expert who will help you identify your foot type so that you can find the right pair of tennis shoes. For your safety and total enjoyment of the game, don’t buy just any tennis shoes.

The Crème de la Crème of Tennis shoes

There are many brands coming up with their own tennis shoes. However, the top rated shoes in terms of comfort include the ASICS GEL-Solution Speed 2-W for women, adidas barricade court-M for men and New Model MC1005 Tennis-M among others. These shoes stand out due to their high comfort levels, stability, aesthetics, durability, flexibility and excellent traction.

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