Quick and Easy Online Jobs You Can Start Immediately


Are you the type of person who is comfortable using a computer? Do you also want to start your own business, but don’t know how to begin? There are many ways you can combine the two into something that can eventually be a full-time business.

You don’t need to have a lot of experience, just the drive and commitment to make the venture work. Here are some quick and easy suggestions to get yourself moving.

Online Seller

Selling goods online through eBay and other sites, it a popular way to start in business. You can set up a store on one of these sites easily and begin buying a stock that you can sell on to your customers.

This type of business will need a little investment up front as you need to buy the stock. However, this initial outlay can be beneficial. You may need to do some research beforehand, to see if other people are selling the same or similar products. You don’t want to be pricing yourself out of the market.


If you have a skill such as typing or web design, then you can always take on projects as a freelancer. There are sites that you can register to apply for work in your chosen field.

As a web designer, you can also handle all parts of the site such as updates and even host. It is important to remember that some will try to look at the lowest price possible, so you shouldn’t agree to any work until you know what the pay rate will be. All you need is to apply to a company that offers reseller hosting such as Certa Hosting. They will give you all the tools you need to start hosting to your clients.

The benefit of freelance work is that you can usually do it when you have the time as long as you have agreed on the deadline.

Product Testing

There are opportunities all over the internet asking people to do website testing. It is a fairly simple job, and can usually be completed over the course of a few days. It normally involves accessing a designated website and making sure it is working properly.

If you find any errors, you write them in a report to the company and explain where the error is. These opportunities are usually highly sought after, so you will need to be quick.

As well as websites, there are other testing opportunities that you can get into if you keep looking. Sites such as Pinecone Research cover a lot of products to test and review, however, you can only join by invitation from another member, so it is quite exclusive.

Whether you are looking for some extra money or a full-time career, you will be able to find an online job that you can work around your other commitments. You also get the benefits of being able to work at home at times that suit you.


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