Proof That Heaven And Hell Do Not Exist

Proof that Heaven and Hell do not exist

I know Heaven and Hell do not exist, or if they do exist, the people currently residing in Heaven are huge, greedy, selfish, assholes. Let me explain.

Heaven is supposedly a place to reward those who follow the the Word of God, while Hell is a place for those who go against the Word of God. Heaven is a paradise; there all your dreams will come true, kind of like an eternal Make-A-Wish Foundation. While on the other hand, Hell is suffering in a fiery pit of eternal damnation. Well, I just gotta say, “Who are the assholes in Heaven that are 100% OK with living it up, having the time of their life, while their fellow man is roasting in an eternity of flames and torment?” I ask myself, “Could I really enjoy myself in Heaven while this never-ending Nickleback concert is going on for those poor and unfortunate individuals?” No. Hell no I could not. There’s absolutely no way I could have a good time, hanging out, living it up, all the while knowing that these actions of evil incarnate are currently happening to someone I knew in life, maybe a friend or a family member, even to a stranger. Even if it was just a stranger, there is no way I could have a pleasant time in Heaven while that man or woman suffered. I would spend every waking minute, doing my best to free those who are trapped in Hell, helping them escape from that eternal, demon-filled nightmare. I could not rest until every last man, woman and child was free. But you know what? Maybe it is thinking like this that would keep a person like myself out of Heaven in the first place? Maybe the Kingdom of Heaven does not want individuals who value others and their well being above their very own. And if this is the case, I’m thinking that there has to be a test to get into Heaven. If you pass it, you get in. Fail it, and you’re doomed to an eternity of 1,000 free monthly hours of Internet usage by AOL with web searches by Ask Jeeves.

  1. Would you steal a pen from Heaven if you had every intention of returning it the next day?
  2. Could you take a piece of Heaven bread without paying for it if it meant that your hungry child would now be able to eat?
  3. Could you enjoy yourself at a really cool, never-ending house party, with open bar, while someone that you know who lives just right down the street from you is getting pounded in the balls with metal rods for eternity?

With these three questions now in mind, would you be able to enter the pearly gates of Heaven or forever be outcasted to a fiery demon island of eternal anguish and utter despair?

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Born at an early age, Jimmy Rustling has found solace and comfort knowing that his humble actions have made this multiverse a better place for every man, woman and child ever known to exist. Dr. Jimmy Rustling has won many awards for excellence in writing including fourteen Peabody awards and a handful of Pulitzer Prizes. When Jimmies are not being Rustled the kind Dr. enjoys being an amazing husband to his beautiful, soulmate; Anastasia, a Russian mail order bride of almost 2 months. Dr. Rustling also spends 12-15 hours each day teaching their adopted 8-year-old Syrian refugee daughter how to read and write.


  1. Probably the most dogmatic form of reasoning I’ve ever encountered. Your parameters of entering into Heaven and Hell are quite ridiculous (no Judeo-Christian belief agrees with your explanation) and your insight of the normal operations within either realm are unsupported by any doctrine. Not quite sure what your foundation for your claims on how to get to heaven or the functionings within it are, but they seem identical to a Cartoon Network example of Heaven and Hell that you’ve conjured for yourself and then proceeded to rant about. This article reminds me of extreme feminism but applied to your own mirage of Heaven and Hell.

  2. Only God can judge us, I believe in God, I do believe he created Heaven and Earth (where by the way there are some horrible evil people who I ve seen with my own very eyes, who never repent nor apologize for their crimes, obviously non-believers) I am never perfect but NO ONE EVER can make me a non-believer regardless of any material they place in front of me. My only Happiness is God

  3. I’m a Christian by faith. I want someone to help me with this. According to we Christians, we say no one goes to the Father except through Jesus Christ. The question now is; There are people who are so so unlucky that they are born in a place where Muslims are dominating. That person is obviously a Muslim, or does not know Jesus Christ. Or there are places on this earth where No one has ever read a Bible. So these people being so unlucky going to Hell??? Again another question is; So those who existed before Christ Jesus are burning in Hell for being born too early???
    What about someone who is alive now in a part of this world who doesn’t not belongs to Christianity but doing no bad deeds. Where is that person also going after death????