Personal Finance Tips To Help You Save Up For Your Dream Wedding

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It’s no secret that weddings are an absolute beast of an industry. According to the CDC, there’s an average of 2.1 million weddings every year, and with each one costing approximately $27,698, you’re talking about a multi-billion dollar industry. With how expensive each one can be (especially when you factor in location), it’s no wonder a lot of couples are left frustrated with the overall bill.

However, like many couples before you, there are numerous ways you can save on your big day and still have an incredible time. While it might take a little bit of extra planning and curating, the result will be something that’s unique to the both of you, creating a timeless memory that could last forever. Believe me, there’s no need to stress, as people have done this a hundred times before, all you need to know is a few tips on how.

There’s No Need To Rush Happiness

One of the biggest mistakes a lot of couples make is getting married too soon. This has less to do with the commitment you have to one another (quite simply, there’s no timetable on love), but rather the financial obligation that comes with getting married.

According to a study compiled by Soundvision, the average age that someone gets married is around 25. To some, that may seem like the perfect age, but let’s be honest: taking on such a big financial responsibility in your mid-twenties can be an enormous burden on how you all spend the rest of your lives. After all, a significant contributor to divorce is money issues, and if you can curb that before ever saying “I Do,” won’t you be a lot better off?

Even if you’ve already popped the question, it’s okay to sit down with your significant other and hash out the details of when and how you’re going to get married. In most cases, your family will be happy you’ve found someone that you love and care about, so they’re more than likely going to be okay with however you decide to go about your special day. Additionally, as times have changed drastically regarding who’s going to pay for the wedding, most people will understand the financial commitment this day will take.

This is a day that’s supposed to leave an indelible impression on the rest of your life, so it’s important you worry less about doing this for others but rather doing it for yourself.

Skip Out On The Excess

One of the quickest ways to drive up the cost of a wedding is by going after all the bells and whistles associated with what we consider a great time. To be honest, I’ll note that some people can get a little excessive with the ceremony and whatnot, demanding everything has to be “perfect.” And in the grand scheme of things, you need to assess what’s really going to make this day memorable and what’s not.

As CreditRepair notes, there are plenty of options out there to avoid being in debt after your wedding.

These include seeking out venues that charge a flat rate, skipping out on renting attire, and even finding a place that’s lax on their food and drink policy. Additionally, there are some other great takeaways from this as well, such as utilizing friends and family. It might surprise you who in your network might own a farm or has access to an event space, which you could get for little to no cost. Look, people know the true cost of this stuff versus how much it might mean to you, so don’t be afraid to reach out. There’s no shame in trying to host a good time that’s both fun and cost-savvy.

Take The Time To Really Know What You Want Out Of Your Perfect Day

According to a survey by Brides Magazine, over 72% of brides wish they invested more in entertainment. While there could be an array of contributing factors to this, a few common causes include poor planning, hiring without checking out the band first or even just blindly letting someone show up. Regardless, a lot of the factors that go into a wedding are pretty big investments, and some you shouldn’t take lightly. Like I stated above, this day is about you and your significant other, so make it a unique experience to that.

For example, if you and your partner are adamant about having an open bar and top notch food, then put that at the top of your list. It doesn’t matter what else is happening, just as long as you both are happy. In the end, a wedding is considered your special day for a reason. The question is, what do you want to do to make it not just special, but exceptional?



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