New Dutch Data Mining Law Could Have Far-Reaching Effects

Dutch Data Mining Law

It seems as though data mining laws could be entering a new phase as many look on with interest at the new Dutch data mining law that has just been passed. There is plenty of buzz surrounding the law to see how it will affect Dutch people, but also those doing business in the country and beyond. In reality, this law could have some very far reaching effects.

Interest from All Aspects of the Industry

This new data mining law that has been passed is garnering interest from big companies involved in collecting data, everyday customers, and consumers, as well as those currently enrolled in a masters in computer science online whose focus is data mining. The Dutch Senate voted for the new law that will ultimately give authority to the Dutch Intelligence services to intercept data on a very large scale. This new law will go into effect on January 1, 2018.

The two services that will be able to make use of this new law are MIVD and AIVD, both intelligence services within the country. While they have the authority to intercept some internet communications right now, this new law will open the doors much wider. Details about how they plan to use this new power have been sketchy at best, and lack information.

There are rumors swirling that the government may be thinking about tapping into Wi-Fi chat apps and hotspots in order to intercept communications and hack into people’s devices.

How the New Law Differs

The way the law stands in the country right now is that the government may only hack into a person’s tablet, phone, and computer if they are suspected of a crime. This new law gives authorities to go ahead and hack, even if the person knows someone else who is suspected of a crime. This law will make it possible to gather data from large amounts of people, all at the same time.

Despite the fact it passed in the Senate by a large majority, there are those who are opposed to it and are being quite vocal about their stance. Even groups from outside the Netherlands, such as the Bits of Freedom online rights group are weighing in and warning about the far-reaching effects this new law could have. The fact the intelligence agencies will be able to tap into very large amounts of data all at once without having to provide much in terms of a reason has plenty of people feeling uneasy.

Of course, the Senate argues these new measures are necessary in order to keep the Netherlands and the world safe during these times of increased security issues.

It seems that all eyes are on the Dutch, whether it is those in intelligence agencies, government, data mining sector, and even students in an online computer science masters program who are looking at the industry as their future job prospect. Just how far-reaching the effects of this new law remains to be seen.

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