Mexico Is Selling Ladders In Preparation Of Donald Trump’s Wall

Mexico President making ladders for Trump's wall
Mexico President Enrique Peña Nieto told reporters today that his country is making ladders in preparation of Donald Trump's wall that he plans to build along the U.S. and Mexico border.(AP Photo / Dennis System)

MEXICO CITY, MEXICO (AP) — The Mexican government today said it will begin selling ladders in preparation for Donald Trump’s wall that is planned to be built along the U.S. and Mexico border.

Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto spoke to reporters about the wall and the ladders.

“Mexico will not pay for that wall, we will pay for ladders though,” Nieto said. “Trump can do whatever he wants, he can spend as much money as he wants, but the fact is, so many of our people have friends and family in the United States. And unfortunately for these people they cannot afford a visa or citizenship or cannot wait the long delays in getting one, so ladders are the answer.”

Trump was quick to tweet about President Nieto’s plan.

“My wall will be so tall, if Nieto thinks a ladder is gonna work, he’s sadly mistaken!”

Nieto immediately responded to Trump’s tweet by explaining in detail about the ladders that Mexico is building.

“We are currently working with four different companies in Mexico who manufacture ladders. Trump says his wall will be 35-45 feet tall. These ladder companies assure us they can make ladders that will extend as far as 70 feet. And if he wants to electrify that fence, then we’ll make the ladders out of wood. So, there’s no problem here.”

Paul Horner, a spokesman for the Trump administration, said the wall will work and the American people should not worry.

“We’ll keep those non-whites out of this country, I promise you that,” Horner said. “They think they can just come over here with their tacos, and sombreros, and just work and do whatever they want. Well not on our watch!”

The Trump Administration has set up a 24-hour hotline to address any questions and concerns the public may have regarding the wall and the ladders that Mexico is making. The number for that hotline is (785) 273-0325.



  1. A foreign leader promoting the invasion of a nation and encouraging the violation of a sovereign nation because his citizens are impatient or not wealthy enough to travel across the border.