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Esports developed a huge following in the past years because of all the fun and adrenaline they involve. Moreover, they led to increasing communities, adverts, and even betting sites like egamingbet.

What Is an Esports Tournament?

Esports tournaments are, in short, digital gaming tournaments. But there is more to them than you think. Esports are the new type of “sports” that many teenagers and even adults got into for more than ten years.

Why Is It Important For Many People?

Just ask adults in their forties or fifties why they watch the Super Bowl or baseball matches, the World Cup, etc. Their response will be the same to that of a teenager when it comes to Esports tournament. Not only that but it’s something new to all of us. Who would’ve thought that someday we will be competing in a digital world for money and fame? Even betting sites appeared for those who are willing to gamble.

So What Does a Tournament Involve?

Usually, it’s about teams formed out of five members that fight against another team of five players. Games like League of Legends, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive or Dota 2 are popular five versus five games, whereas Starcraft 2 and Hearthstone are for one versus one.

Esports tournaments appeared because of games that have that competitive factor. Competitive games are those that require wits, quick decisions, communication between team members, and skill. A tournament often highlights the moments when a team/player wins against all the odds and leaves the audience breathless.

Community and Prizes

The community formed around Esports is huge. When it comes to digital gaming, we are talking about millions of players per game. Also, people can buy tickets to attend a tournament in person, while others prefer to watch the events on a streaming service in real-time.

Usually, when tournament organizers gather the number of online viewers, they end up with millions of them. Apart from that, stream viewers also buy merchandise or in-game items to help the game developers or the companies. There is a lot of money that goes into tournaments and gaming nowadays, and that sum usually rivals even with blockbuster movies.

The prizes are also big, usually in the millions of dollars ballpark. Apart from the awards, the team/player becomes famous and can receive endorsements from food companies and hardware from PC manufacturers. The catch is that they need to be seen using them, in other words, the teams are advertising what they receive free of charge.

Is Betting on Esports Matches Even a Real Thing?

Yes, and it exploded in the last couple of years. Betting sites appeared left and right, and they show no sign in stopping anytime soon.


Esports tournaments are here to stay. The community is big, there are a lot of games to choose from, and there are always new players. As for the gambling part, you can go to and see the betting options. After that, you can start supporting your favorite team and make some money out of it.


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