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Several renowned stylists have sounded and resounded the need for a few fashion pieces that should never be absent from a woman’s wardrobe no matter what happens. These items are of immense value and highly essential to even our celebrities. The likes of Rachel Bilson, Kristen Bell, and Scarlett Johansson collaborated with fashion stylist Nicole Chavez to put together the fashion pieces that will be discussed in the article, and trust me, every single woman in the globe should have them in their closet. Check them out below;

BLACK BLAZER: There could be nothing more classic than a feminine tailored blazer that looks great on all body types. When paired with anything, be it jeans, little dresses, trousers, or skirts, it finds a way blend in and fit well, accentuating the waist region, hence keeping it from appearing to be swallowing the wearer. Now, who doesn’t love that???

LEOPARD PRINT SCARF: It does not matter if you are wearing a basic T-shirt or not. As long as you use accessories like a printed scarf, your look is complete. Try and see!!!

RED FLATS: It is no news that black has grown to become the obvious choice when it comes to flats. But red flats serve well in providing a pop of color and also works for every season. It is best when paired with a striped shirt and a trenched coat.

STRIPED SHIRT: This timeless classic looks great when paired with prints or peeking out from underneath a blazer. Oh, what a feeling it gives!!!

STATEMENT NECKLACE: Accessories finish off an outfit and boosts your confidence. Choose wisely and a few statement pieces can enhance your look entirely. An awesome statement necklace will make a simple outfit look chic and stylish. Longer chain lengths give a real feminine look and can be worn as one piece or pair up with a shorter mid length piece to really rock/glam out! For an incredible selection of all these styles check out the WeDoBijoux website.

LITTLE BLACK DRESS: Every woman no doubt has a black dress somewhere in her closet. But then, there is need to invest in one that’s special. Search out a dress with a detail, an interesting sleeve, and an embellished belt that makes it unique. Note that it is really important to find the right fit.

BLACK OPAQUE TIGHTS: With a pair of tights, your legs get to look slimmer and you also get away with wearing short dresses. Keep yourself warm in the winter by doubling them up for a more opaque look. Winks!!!

OVERSIZE WATCH: A watch is no less an accessory than it is a timepiece. A great way to dress an outfit up is a gold watch. You can get a little creative by leaving the watch loose so it can serve two purposes; a time piece and a bracelet.

CLASSIC TRENCH COAT: This is more of an investment piece, as you’ll get to wear it forever. Even if you fluctuate in size, it will still fit. Locate a classy A-line outline that will snap you in at the waist and wear it over everything from suits to jeans.”

FLARED JEANS: Simply pair these with platforms or wedges to get extra height while keeping the look casual and comfortable.

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