Enjoy your summer making money and doing what you love


We all have at least one skill that we can use to make money. To help you discover how you can stay entertained while making money this summer, we will be looking at a few options that you can choose from.

5 ways to entertain yourself and earn money simultaneously this summer

  1. Make money sitting in the sun enjoying the sea breeze

If swimming is your hobby and your skill in swimming is very efficient, why not take the opportunity of becoming a lifeguard during the summer? You will get to swim anytime you want, get to meet lots of people and have fun while making money. It’s really a serious job that you can do and entertain yourself simultaneously. You can be making between £6.19 and £10 per hour if working as a part-time lifeguard or even more if it’s a full-time job – depending on your experience and where you are working.

  1. Entertain yourself with the online portal for gambling

You may be wondering how, but it’s possible through online gambling to make money as you entertain yourself simultaneously. Sometimes during the summer, we want to stay indoor especially when we want to have some fun. Instead of doing nothing indoor, you can join the multitude having fun and making money through online gaming. Visit online casino sites to enjoy your favourite games free or take advantage of the numerous exciting bonuses, for example, the BetBright Casino Review: up to £500   Welcome bonus. What else would be better than selecting  from many varieties of interesting games and use your bonus to start making money while sitting at home?

  1. Teach exercise classes

If you are a fitness lover and would like to get paid to stay in shape. In local gyms or even community education classes, they have different classes like ballet, body pump, yoga, studio cycling, Zumba, Pilates, etc. If you have interest and you are experienced in any of these areas, you may consider offering your services to earn money while you do what you enjoy. However, you might be required to get certified before you can teach in these classes, but getting certified takes a short period of time.

  1. Become a photographer

During summer holidays, you may consider collecting pics that you would sell to photo agencies if you are a dab hand with the camera. You earn commissions anytime one of your pics is sold. Since photography is your hobby, you may consider providing your skills for public events like weddings, parties, proms or even college graduations. Pet portraits are a growing niche in photography and you may consider grabbing these opportunities if you like working around animals. How much money you will earn depends on the agency you are using and also on the resolution of your pics.

  1. Get paid to watch kids

During summer, day caring could be expensive for parents. If you love children, you can charge less and earn a reasonable income. However, a majority of these parents also wouldn’t mind saving some money, which means they are likely to patronise you.

During summer, all we mostly think about is how to entertain ourselves, which is not bad if done the right way.