What Should be Done in Practicing Yoga


Yoga comes from Sanskrit which means unification. The meaning of unification here is the union of man with nature or the union of man with the Creator. Yoga is one of the teachings that focus on meditation, where one focuses the mind to control the senses and the body as a whole. Yoga is a way to balance the mind and body so as not to get sick as in this globalization era most people often work excessively. Excessive work can result in psychological disorders such as depression, emotion, and ultimately also result in physical illnesses such as high blood pressure, heart problems, migraines, etc.

Systematic method
Yoga is a systematic method for the spiritual (and also physical) to achieve tranquility. In other words, this exercise is an exercise that works in two directions; physical and spiritual. The notion that Yoga is only useful for the improvement of spiritual conditions is wrong. Big wrong! Many studies have shown that most cancer patients experience improved quality of their life after they undergo Yoga therapy sessions.

Practicing Yoga also requires harsh discipline. To overcome this problem, this Indian practice has eight tiered stages to discipline body and mind. The eight steps are called Astangga Yoga, namely: (1) Yama, (2) Niyama, (3) Asana, (4) Pranayama, (5) Prathyahara, (6) Dharana, (7) Dhyana, and (8) Samadhi.

The first two, namely Yama and Niyama, are seen as the ethics of Yoga that must be done before stepping on the next stages. Yama, meaning abstinence which includes abstinence to harm other beings in mind, words, or deeds (ahimsa), abstinence (satya), abstinence (asteya), abstinence (brahmacharya), and abstinence have the rights of others (Aprigraha).

Niyama, meaning external and internal purification, peace (santosa), meditation (tapa), learning (svadhyaya) and worship to the God (Isvharapranidhana).

The first two stages are the crucial stages that determine the success of the Yoga cycle as a whole. Many beginners fail in the stages.

To do Yoga we need serenity. Choose a location where we can be free from noise and pollution. They can all mess up our concentration. Yoga is a simple exercise but not easy to do. Without calm then there is no success.

Yoga Clothes
Yoga clothes may be viewed as something that some people underestimate. In fact, some types of clothing are not suitable for use when we are sporting this Indian practice. We must make sure we wear comfortable Yoga clothes so we can focus our thoughts and not be disturbed by the hot feeling. Try to buy your Yoga outfits only from shops that are specialized in selling Yoga gear. However you should know that only a handful of stores actually provide quality goods. You should look for Yoga Shop which is known to sell quality goods but with affordable price.

Empty your mind
The last advice is to empty your mind. Maybe you’re having some uncomfortable things, maybe you’re having some trouble in your office, forget those problems for a while! Clean your mind of negative things then you will succeed with your practice.

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