Donald Trump Says The Earth Is Flat

Donald Trump says the Earth is flat
Republican Party Presidential nominee, Donald Trump, and running mate, Mike Pence, 2016 (AP Photo / Dennis System)

Baltimore, MD (AP) – Speaking to reporters in Baltimore on Monday, following the 138th conference for the National Guard Association of the United States, the Republican Party’s presidential nominee revealed that he is a member of a growing population known generally as flat earth truthers.

“I fly a lot, and I mean a lot. No one flies more than me. Listen, I own a jet. I own a 757, beautiful plane, it’s the best plane! If the world were round, believe me, I would know!”

The comments came in response to a question from AP reporter, Charles Darr, regarding the future role of the National Guard, as private companies proliferate space travel. “Mr. Trump, if elected, are you willing to increase taxes in order to meet the growing budget demands of the National Guard, as existential threats from our enemies grow along with the advancement of space travel technology?” Darr asked.

The President-elect replied that such a future is “nonsense,” adding that “the round earth people, and you know who they are, these people have an agenda.”

“It’s all on the Internet, it’s there.”

After declaring that the world is flat, Mr. Trump, as he has done before, again cited “the Internet” as his primary source of information. “There are people out there, many people, and I mean missile experts, sailors, you name it, folks, and this is what they’re saying. It’s all on the Internet, it’s there.”

The flat earth conspiracy theory, like most conspiracy theories, is propagated primarily via the Internet. Internet forums and YouTube channels are dedicated to “enlightening” the vast majority who, as truthers explain, naively buy into the “globe earth theory” that has been sold to them since birth.

One piece of evidence that flat earth truthers present as proof that there is a global conspiracy against them, is the emblem used by the United Nations, implying that the intergovernmental organization is part of the conspiracy. In it, the planet is displayed as a flat earth, with the northern pole at the center, and southern hemisphere continents stretched out toward the circumference, just as the planet really is, according to truthers.

Flat earth model designed by evangelical minister, WIlbur Glenn Voliva, 1931
United Nations Emblem

In April, after stating that he is open to allowing Japan and South Korea to develop nuclear weapons to alleviate the financial costs of the United States’ role as “policemen to the world,” Trump also suggested minimizing the authority of the United Nations. “By the way, United Nations,” Trump said, “same thing, smaller numbers.”

In now deleted tweets, Trump also seemingly offered Biblical evidence of a flat earth.

“Book of Matthew, folks, the devil took him to a very high mountain, very high, and what did he do? He showed him the whole world.”

“Isaiah 40:22 ‘it is he who sits above the circle of the earth’ Crooked Hilary and environmentalists are paid liers [sic]. They will be exposed!”
During an interview at ReCode’s 2016 Code Conference in Rancho Palos Verdes, California, Elon Musk, founder and CEO of SpaceX, a company that is developing the technology to make humans a multi-planetary species by colonizing Mars, said he would suggest a direct democracy for humans on Mars, as opposed to the United States’ version of representative democracy.

“captain of a large ship with a small rudder”

When asked about the potential Trump presidency, following the nominee’s flat earth claim, Musk replied, “I’m glad the framers of the constitution saw fit to ensure that the president was captain of a large ship with a small rudder. There’s a limit to how much harm you can do as president. I don’t think it’s the finest moment in our democracy.”

When pressed further regarding the unique dangers presented by a President Trump, Musk added, “Oh what the Hell do I care? I’m moving to Mars.”



      • You mean you’ve been smoking crack half of your life… Two years of researching flat earth claims, and not a single one of them holds true, and no flat earther has ever debunked the 4 hours’ worth of proof I’ve compiled into a video proving that it is a sphere. It’s embarrassing that I’ve had to waste my time on such a thing…But if Trump is spewing this shit then he clearly intended to avoid becoming president.

        • Noah, I know you get notified when someone replies to your comments…I like to watch this video as well!

          Hell id like to watch 10 min of your 4 hour impossible to debunk proof.

          Ill keep checking for your response

        • Smoking crack, great arguments you make. Slander campaigns and name calling are about the best proof anyone can offer to debunk flat earth.

          Truth is stranger than fiction. None of you have ever seen one real photo of the earth or video but supposed to have been to moon and have men and women living in space for months at a time on a station surrounded by 100000s of pieces of space junk spinning around the earth 1000s of miles per hour…..

        • IDk which is the greater tragedy:
          The fact we’ve been lied to our whole lives and brainwashed
          THe fact that u made a four hr video, rhat no one can find, and u still cant see the truth.
          TRY taking off ur hate goggles

    • Your rude and blatantly ignorant comment is unjust and proves your own stupidity. Good luck to you george … because your not for Trump then you must be for hellary. And if you are for hellary, then you are following the devil.

    • Anyone who says the Earth is Round,is a CONSPIRACY NUT!!why?because the American Government/Donald J Trump says that the EARTH IS FLAT,that’s why….NASA doesn’t response to Donald J Trump(American President)…NOBODY did response,why?because he says the TRUTH!!

  1. i thought he knew that the earth is hollow with the nazis and aliens working together in the middle of the earth since the end of ww2 thats the truth i am surprised he doesn’t know but he probably really does

  2. Right on, the earth IS flat, no proof of rotundity or rotation or orbital motion or outrageously far sun and Moon and stars exist, and there IS scientific proof of a flat, stationary earth. research!!

    • The Eotvos effect, the measurable deflection of falling objects due to the earth’s rotation, Sigma Octantis, the fact that numerous flight distances would be impossible on a flat earth, the fact that people in the northern and southern hemispheres both see the same eclipses and the same face of the moon, the fact that the flat-tarded “law of perspective” is not real and thus we have evidence of curvature that can not be explained away… I think you ignorant pancake worshippers are the ones who need to do your research.

  3. Trump is right. The Earth is flat and it’s nice to see someone with so much popularity giving the truth to the braindead mutton out there who believe whatever their masters tell them. It’s high time you globe earth zombies wake up from your trance. Don’t you think there is a reason that by the time you’re 5 years old they push this info that we live on the outside of a ball spinning around. They do it because your mind would reject such nonsense if it wasn’t forced on to you from an early age. It’s plain brainwashing. Just one thing regarding your so-called globe. Water is always level right? So how does water curve on a globe? And please, oh please do not say gravity. Gravity as you know it does not exist. If it did exist then how do balloons escape this mighty, magical power that can hold oceans of immense weight or people in Australia from falling off? Globe earthers say we are stupid and crazy because they are brainwashed and dumb. You’re taught from an early age to ridicule those who question our given reality. So what does that make you so-called smart people who don’t even know what money is and how it controls you, let alone where you live and what it looks like. There is no real proof that you live on a globe. The Sun goes up and down, it’s perspective. If you look down a train track or a hallway, does the hallway and train track really go into itself? NO. It’s perspective. So therefore I ask you, when you look into the sky; does not your limit of vision or persepective not account for what you see? The Sun and Moon are the same size and always stay at the same level. It’s perspective that makes you think the Sun goes down; but in reality, it’s just going further away from you. End of story. The Earth is flat.

    • Truth is truth and fact is fact, regardless of what one believes because it is NOT the same as knowing!

      The earth isn’t a spinning globe. According to Piccard – it’s disc shaped with an upturned edge.

      – I enjoyed the ‘brain dead mutton” phrase … too funny!

    • By the way, how does perspective work, when you have to physically move your head to see the sun above you, then move in a different position if you’re looking at a sunset or sunrise.

      • Probably that’s how your whole live is, Ed.. not going furder than 3 words!
        Wow, you must be very educated my friend!

        I don’t know why the ‘globers’ are so furious in their comments about the flat earth? They ridicul the idea and the people immediatly without thinking first!
        Why are you so afraid to go in this matter with an open mind? I don’t get this? Just try it..

        I recomend the “200 proofs the Earth is not a spinning ball” from Eric Dubay.
        It only costs you 2 hours of your live. And if you’re still not convinced… well.. go on with your live then.

        I did not believe it either the first time i read about it, because of me being indoctrinated my whole live. I did however had always doubt with some aspects about space.. Why no real picture of earth? Why always the same CGI image from 1975 for so long? Why still no real 24/7 live spacecam directed to earth, with thousands of satellites supposed to be orbiting earth? Why sun rays come down under that steep angel with a sun that suposed to be at 93.000 miles away, that’s not possible? Why is de moon transparent? Yes, sometimes at half moon, you can see a star INside de darker side of the moon! How come?? Why no more moonlandings? Lost interest in furder moon exploring? How come the first capsule was filmed when leaving the moon with pan and tilting camera? Who shot that film, a left behind astronaut? And no, remote does not count, becaus there was a minimal of 2 mins delay in communication, so remote tilting the camera to follow the capsule is impossible! Because it takes 2 mins for earth control to actually see where the capsule is and 2 mins before the tilt command is processed by transmitting. So that’s not possible! Why relative good pictures of far far away galaxy’s, but for a long time bad low res pixel pictures of pluto?? And now we have some better ones… with the head of Disney pluto in it? Come on realy, and that you believe?? They fuck with us!

        So.. when this topic came to my attention, i began to read with an open mind. Watched a lot of movies and explanations on the tube and came to a conclusion. My senses say that it HAS to be flat and stationairy!!
        Things don’t add up for a globe! They don’t!

        (sorry for typo’s, english is not my native language)

        And no i did not vote for Trump, but i’m sure glad he won!

        Kind regards

        • Oh.. and how come we have always the same constellations at the sky?

          With all the rotations of the earth, rotations around the sun, spiral rotation of our solar system, rotations of the milkyway……. HOW????

    • dude you are really really confused. I thought i had problems, but wow. go to fucking school dude. take an astronomy course. and pay attention because you need to learn some things.

    • Hey, I’ve grown up on globe model, but I’m giving the flat earthers a listen. Now there’s one thing with the
      “perspective” answer for the sun rising and setting that I don’t get. If it really is a matter of the sun moving further away when it “sets”, then shouldn’t the ball that we see (sun) get smaller and smaller as it moves further and further away from our field of vision until the vanishing point?

      • “Atmospheric magnification/refraction and the movement of the sun over the flat Earth”

        copy and paste that into youtube, perspective is a factor but it seems the atmosphere/plane is the key.

  4. Anyone who actually does a little research can tell the Earth is flat and stationary. Problem is too many people have to be told what to think because they take no ownership or personal responsibility for their own lives and instead foolishly trust someone else to run it. You can observe their fear when confronted with questions about the flat Earth because, lacking any ability to reason or think critically, they are left only with the ability to call names like children. And that is what they are, little gullible children who will believe anything someone who says they are the expert tells them…the expert that tells them what is closest to their own belief system that is.

    • So the American President(=the american government)Donald J Trump says in a Interview that the Earth is Flat,i live in the Netherlands ,and the Media has never spent one letter about that the most powerfull/important guy(the American President,for god’s sake!!!)says that the Earth is Flat?!?!EVERYTHING else it’s 24/7 in the News,what he Says…….why doesn’t response NASA’S Neil de Grasse Tyson?!?why doesn’t dutch ACTORnaut Andre Kuipers doesn’t response in the Dutch Media?!?!reason?THE EARTH IS FLAT!!…Google in Dutch this:Wikipedia Bolvormige Aarde—-(it means round earth)—-Google:Wikipedia Platte Aarde)—(it means Flat earth)…..ALMOST ZERO info,links,sources,on a Empty page Wikipedia Bolvormige Aarde!!!!—-on the other hand has Wikipedia Platte Aarde a LONG,FULL Page with very much links,sources )…please Explain…..the Earth is FLAT!!!even the American President says so….so?you are a Conspiracy Nut,if you say the Earth is Round,becaus Donald J Trump(=the american government)says the earth is FLAT…

  5. Obama e Hillary vão entregar o país de vocês aos comunistas. No Brasil foi a mesma coisa. Não deixem. /Obama and Hillary will delivery your country to comunists. In Brazil was the same. Don’t let it.

  6. wwwwhhhooooo
    Yea baby.. The occult freemasons are going down !!!!

    please let this be true.. All the globe earthers are brain dead morons.

  7. finally a man with a voice who is not afraid to speak the TRUTH……the earth is flat and it is the center of the universe
    and it was CREATED by GOD ……………………………..

  8. Yes the earth is flat. Galileo, Copernicus, Newton, Einstein, they were all in on the conspiracy to distort scientific observation, although they lived centuries apart. And all those NASA engineers who worked out the Newtonian (round earth) physics to put a man on the round moon were in on the conspiracy too. i think I will drink some cool aid now and catch a comet to shangrilah. Lalalalala. Fuckwits.

    • Well believe it or not, these were all freemasons. And landing on the moon? – Puhleeze…All their spinning ball images are CGI. Actually Pythagoras (considered to be one of the first masonic magicians), who studied the Middle-eastern magic schools beforehand, was the first to propose the ball earth with basically no proof. Neither had or asserted Copernicus – to him it was only a hypothesis and a not very probable one and he did not want to publish it until his death. And so on.

    • Yep and Galileo, Copernicus, Newton and Einstein are all correct about the earth being a sphere. Because they all managed to climb aboard their rocket ships and blast off into space and look back and see that the earth was round. Yeah sounds legit to me.

  9. No curvature has ever been measured and recorded because there is no curvature to measure. No rotational spin velocity has ever been detected or measured either, why, because there is no spin. Both are necessary elements to validate the globe model theory. We have arrived. Research the history of the heliocentric model to understand the perpetrators of the globe deception.

  10. The elite all knew the earth is flat. The are now in such panic that John Kerry couldn’t even be in USA at the election day. He was forced to in a hurry arrange another agreement on extended forbidden zones around antarctica. They knew that in the south and antarctica, there it’s easy for common people to study and gets the facts – and to knew that this a plane, a realm – and not a spinning globe.

  11. Ask a Pilot! They’ll tell you everything you need to know about a flying across a PLANE/PLAIN. The Attitude Indicator shows to be steady when on looong distant flights. They’re not pointing the nose down to follow the curve of the earth because there is no curve. Don’t make me send you the definition of delusional, because there’s tremendous amounts of facts and logic to show we’ve been lied to since a child in pre-k and up. But some people still can’t understand :-/ They are called GLOBALIST for a reason.

  12. these so called comments by Elon Musk, founder and CEO of SpaceX are extremely unlikely to be true along with the whole article . Elon Musk would very doubtfully consider Trump to be crazy since Elon has repeatedly said on video that it is possible we are living in some type of Matrix world. Why would he consider Trumps bizarre ideas of Flat earth if he thinks its all a Matrix type video game, thats even more bonkers !!!. The more likely answer is that this whole article is totally made up by CNN to generate readers and controversy and more importantly advertising revenue .

  13. I can’t believe there are seemingly intelligent people out there who believe that the earth is flat – jeeeees! And I suppose there are no satellites (GPS) orbiting either? And the sun and moon go down one side, West and miraculously come up in the East, for fun? Did you notice the phases of the moon and it’s shape? It’s a ball right? If you think there’s no gravity, try jumping off a building.
    You really should read more…

  14. Yes he is right !!! The Earth is flat. I know that a long time.
    Der Trump wird einem entgegen der Massenmedien (die ihn mehr schlecht als recht darstellen) immer sympathischer.

    Best Regard

  15. mass media obviously want one more time turn in ridicule the Truth, but calling people looking for truth “Truthers”, like Truth was something virtual, fantasy or whatever. Well truth is truth, and the truth is the real reality we are living on this planet, and anyhow what’s happened, happening and will happen the Trtuth will win, because it IS reality. Wikileaks disclosing documents saying that the moon landing was a silly show in hollywood studios is only the apparent face of the iceberg.
    space programs finance hidden projects since decades now, the dececit is so massive that they know that the mass people won’t believe it or won’t accept the truth, feared to see their control minded illusion collapsed. Truman show was a good movie….
    I suggest people to make their own research on this subject, and also search rothschild / jesuits hegelian cycle.
    thanks for your real news cnn

  16. Earth is easily proven flat through thermal imaging, reflections, and simply by your eyes.

    Here is something for people to ponder as they think they are sitting up top of their glorious little ball. You are on a mountain beside the ocean. You look down at the ocean about 1km down below you, yet strangely enough, you now look up and you see that same ocean at your eye level 1km up. Someone you are sitting happy up top your big ball, looking down at something that should be curving down, yet this ocean is now 1km up at your eye level……………………….

    Ocean rises right folks?.. It’s a sad sad day when people blindly follow what they are told when all they have to do is use their eyes lol.

  17. if you goto FACEBOOK and type in ” dogcam flat earth ” then Facebook has this channel . DOGCAM it has has the strongest video evidence the world is probably flat. They have taken lots of high altitude ballone with none curve lenses to show the earth is in fact flat and it show also a telling indicator that the sun is much closer since there is a big hot spot just below it which would not occur if the sun was 93 million miles away, it would be more dispersed if it was that far away. Im a technician with some strong background is science but I have say the evidence is so strong now its getting as strong as 911 was an inside job of sorts.

  18. If you read this column and are really interested in flat earth research, do not follow the links in the article (to the or mark sargents youtube page). Mainstream media will always defer to these as the flat earther’s pages, in reality, they are controlled opposition sites with false and confusing information. While researching the flat earth, stick to those authors and researchers who only rely on real evidence and do not go off into speculation or theory.

  19. Hahahahahahhahahahahaahahha!!!!!!!!! Elon Musk!! Hahahahahahahahahahahaha!!!
    What a moron! He want’s to go to Mars!? Hahahahaahaa!!! Does he even realize that “Mars” is
    not even a real physical place somewhere out there far far away???
    Donald Trump gets it! And he has NO “space” vehicles or technology whatsoever!!
    But Musk has it all, but then thinks that somehow a tiny light in the night sky is an actual physical place!!!
    What people don’t really even know is that Musk himself, despite having all of these cool “spacey” gadgets and vehicles – has himself never even been to “space”!!!

  20. Considering the Earth having the shape of a coin instead of a sphere is a thorough nonsense and it would be the unique case in the known universe, as has been photographed by the most modern telescopes assembled in soil as in the outer space.

  21. Telescopes are all preprogrammed with gyroscopic tech to show “planets” while looking through the glass, just as you use that app on your smartphone to look for planets at different angles. Every telescope displays different colors, shapes, sizes and design of the planets. All of this to empower the idea of the globe earth in people’s minds.

    Why does it matter if the Earth is spherical or flat?
    Because since the tower of Babel, people always wanted to unite countries, languages, currencies and culture into one big government led by one leader. Now, more than ever, they have the chance to accomplish this successfully, since people who believe in the globe earth are more willing to trust and accept the agenda of GLOBALization, which eventually will bring forth the Antichrist.

    They, the Vatican Church aka the Sun /Lucifer worshipers (in their view), created the concept of planets orbiting an immense Sun, so that ignorant or/and gullible people would conclude that the Earth must be a sphere as well, since having a different shape would be abnormal to us, therefore, to feel as part of normality, people easily embraced this heliocentric and spherical earth idea. Having a globe earth, the elite wants you to think we are not limited by boundaries, but there’s an infinite universe that only the “smart people” dressed up in white robes and “ultra high tech space” costumes working for the “cause we said so” association aka NASA, can research and travel outside the globe earth FOR US to tell stories of that they saw out there, so we don’t have to risk our lives.

    This is all comes down to making citizens of the earth PLANE feel unimportant, undesirable and making them believe that the only purpose of life is finding happiness through all means necessary, even at the cost of their health, wealth, relationships or life; making them believe that there is no life after death; making them believe there is no GOD; making them believe that if there was a God, He couldn’t possibly have a special plan and purpose for their life, individually, since there’s other forms of life on the other millions of planets; making people think they are their own gods and they have total control over their lives; making people think that it’s all about YOLO/You only live once, thus promoting the “no life after death” principle; making people make their life only about themselves. That’s why we live in a SELFIE age.

    The Illuminati’s ultimate purpose is to prepare men’s souls for embracing the coming of the Antichrist as their Savior and God, since all their life they thought there’s no God, hope or love. He will even proclaim himself as Messiah and God, when he will sit on the throne in the third temple of Jerusalem created by the elite to complete the prophecies. They read the Bible even more than the majority of Christians do because they WANT their “Savior”/Lucifer to come and give them all they want in this physical life and that’s all they care about.

    Whereas, if we followed the Bible and the Book of Enoch, we wouldn’t have all this headache. Everything would have been simple and clear. We live on a flat surface surrounded by solid tall ice walls acting as boundaries, assisting the firmament of heaven/the dome/the vault. Today, we would have had more believers in Jesus Christ and His words, less wars, less terrorism and radicalism, and everything from geography, history, culture to military, politics, science and religion would have been so different that the world wouldn’t yell for a leader, a savior so badly, because we would trust God with our lives. In the end, God IS in control and WANTS all this to happen and He LETS it happen so that Jesus Christ, our Lord and Savior can come back as Warrior and Judge of the world to save His children and followers and defeat Lucifer forever and ever and lock him down in the physical hell along with all those who denied the truth of Christ and instead preferred a sinful life conducted by the devil, even though God prepared that horrible place for Lucifer, his angels.

  22. I was going to post this:

    Let’s look at the science. The gravitational force at the poles is more (about 9.83 kg*m*s^-2) than at the equator (about 9.79 kg*m*s^-2). This is caused by centripetal force; you have a higher propensity to fly off the earth at the equator. Therefore, the earth must be spherical and spinning.

    … but it is much more fun to watch uninformed people and trolls claim the earth is flat instead.

  23. honestly if the earth is flat then how are natraul disasters formed? How does the glodal wind patterens really work? How comes theres satalite pictures of the earth which show it’s round?