Doable Tips to Keep Your Website from Being Hacked


Every year, the number of websites created is always a notch higher. With the rise of online businesses and marketing, people are coming up with all sorts of websites to meet their needs. Tech gurus are always in front of computers trying to come up with the best language that can create the perfect website. If the websites are not for themselves, then they have been hired or paid to create for somebody else.

The amount of websites being created over time is just amazing; at least it shows that people are broadly embracing the new technology, or they are making use of their creativity, brains and the knowledge acquired from school. But with it also comes some problems. For instance, with the rise of websites also come the worries of hacking.

Hacking has been on the rise as well. Therefore, the question you should be asking yourself is: as a website owner, what can I do to secure my website? If any website can be attacked and hacked, then yours should be no exception. Often, these websites will be hacked in one of three ways: software vulnerabilities, access control or third party integrations.

Automated scripts are always used to perform the hacking, and the hackers will more often be after your server. In this case, your server would be used to set up another temporary server or will be an email relay for spam. Many concerned and threatened website owners have asked: is there any technology in place that can be used specifically to secure websites? Well, not exactly. But there are surely several other things you can do to enhance that security.

1. Scan your website
In case you are in danger of hacking or any other kind of attack, it is important to know what exactly you are up against. Therefore, scan your website from time to time to check out for any security vulnerabilities, viruses or even online threats. There are various quality tools you can use for scanning such as SUCURI, Detectify, and Scan My Server.

2. Update your software
Always ensure to keep everything updated most of the time. Hackers will always reach for your software first for any security gaps. Websites are becoming more advanced, and developers are adding more programs to enhance the functionality of their sites. However, you should be very cautious when adding any extra program.

3. Check your passwords
Be very careful when creating passwords for your website. They are the locks that help keep intruders from your very vital information. Enforce your passwords by making them encrypted, complex and very strong. Hashed passwords are very hard to decrypt. You can therefore use them to minimize hacking.

4. Backup your data
Backup means that in case things go south, you will at least have something to fall back to. Ensure to back up your website data frequently. Also secure it well enough because it will just be as vulnerable as any other piece of information on your website.

5. Choose the right website builder

Be extra careful when choosing a free website builder. This is the software that will allow you to build an online website of your own. So choose appropriately the one that will fit your brand and needs. Some platforms will want to own and control your data. Others might deny you to code your website. Such builders may be dangerous as your site can be easily hacked without your knowledge. Therefore, it is paramount to choose a free website builder that can actually be trusted.

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