Change your food habits that seem apparently healthy but lack in nutrients


It is true that the average diet in American households has drifted away from food rich in nutrients. Foods that people like and consume are far from the ones that are rich in vegetables and high-quality animal proteins, and this results in widespread deficiency of nutrients. However, the tragedy is that even if you manage to have the most balanced diets, then also you are not getting an adequate supply of proper nutrients. Although this might sound strange, nothing can be truer.  This is the reason that more and more people are turning to dietary supplements that are rich in protein like the ones you find at Let us now look into the reasons why it happens.

Low-calorie diets lack nutrients

As people have become more health conscious, they are aware of the risks of obesity and keep as far away as possible from foods that are rich in carbohydrates. Consuming low-calorie diet restricts your choices and reduces the options for obtaining proper nutrients from what you eat. Unless you can ensure that your diet is low in calorie but rich in nutrients, you can never stay healthy. Pasteurized fat-free milk is ideal for low calorie, but to ensure proper nutrients, you must eat much more quantity, which you avoid for the sake of obesity. In the end, you face nutrition deficiency. Added to this is the latest trend of avoiding animal food that is rich in calories and this aggravates the problem further.

Conventional dairy and grain fed meat

You must consume full-fat dairy that is unpasteurized, raw and unprocessed to avail its high nutritional value. Unfortunately, we are more inclined to the opposite and prefer fat-free milk. When you remove fat from milk, it loses its nutritional value to a large extent. Moreover, because of pasteurization, more nutrients are lost from milk.  Grain fed meat although widely available is poor in nutritional aspects.  Just like humans, malnourishment grips the cattle that feed on grains. It has low content of vitamins, minerals, fatty acids, micronutrients, and antioxidants. This kind of meat carries more toxins, which further increases the need for additional nutrients.

Soil lacks nutrients

Whatever farm produce we consume, it lacks proper nutrients. Since multi-crop is the order of farming today, the same land is repeatedly cultivated for growing different crops. The soil loses microbes, vitamins, and minerals much faster with no replenishment. Whatever nutrient is available from fertilizers goes into the plants for its survival only and leaves nothing more that can pass on to humans when they consume it. The vegetables and grains lack necessary nutrients.

Small minerals in water

For reasons of modern production methods, the mineral content of water is also affected. The methods of purifying water drive away many essential minerals in the process. This is another reason for nutrient deficiency for which we must blame our lifestyle.

Looking at the reasons you will now understand why there is so much demand for food supplements that have high nutritional value.

About the author – Neil Jackson is a veteran basketball player who has a special inclination for fitness and health. He is a firm believer in nutritional products and at one time endorsed the products offered at


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