Bullying Is Still a Problem We Can Solve


Despite the best efforts made to eliminate bullying from schools and other social institutions, cases of bullying – especially those fueled by race and gender – can still be found across schools in the United States and other parts of the world. In fact, studies by Bradley University revealed that 16% of today’s bullying cases are caused by racial triggers. Fortunately, the government and stakeholders are taking active steps to fight bullying and help kids enjoy a safer environment at school.

Universities, for example, are adding classes that will help counselors with online counseling degrees identify cases of bullying. These new identification methods allow counselors to spot potential bullying cases before they turn severe too. This means the negative impact of bullying can be avoided entirely.

You can learn more about how counselors are leading the charge against bullying from The Role of School Counselors in School Safety infographic by Bradley University.

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