Beware The Helpers In Dreamworld; They Will DESTROY Your Life

The aliens keep your consciousness in Dreamworld because they find our species too stupid and annoying.

First of all, I want to say this is a great thing, I love good vs evil. The problem with my story is it has been going on 750 days now with the the REAL helping in the last 215 days.

You cannot think, work or function. The worst part is the dunce cap, because of this blurriness the aliens do, you cannot focus on anything, that’s the worst part. I’ve been through every pain imaginable before their “help”. But this 215 days of help, 90% of it is not necessary and that is why I will never join. I have morals and I like helping people an not hurting people for no reason.

Things “The Helpers” will destroyed of mine:
1. They made me lose over 90% of my money
2. My career
3. My family
4. My friends
5. My love life
5. Most of my possessions – 3 computers, car etc etc

And still, with day 215 of their “HELP” – they are still sending me headaches, making me feel ill, dunce caps and making it virtually impossible to work. I can copy and paste stuff, but anything creative like writing or art or ANYTHING that makes me happy (and makes money) – it’s not possible.

Less than a year ago I had almost $40,000. Because of the “helpers”, who ironically say they help people, I now have about $2,000 to my name with very little income coming in. Within 4 months I will be forced to move back home to live with my mom.

Beware of the helpers. They will try and smooth all this over with sex, orgasms and good feelings – but hold strong, have some character and morals.

I wish I would have never made the mistake 750 days ago by joining.

But, what else is there to join? And they know this. They can treat humans like shit and we can’t complain or do anything to change it. THEY keep our consciousness in dream world and think we should feel so honored and privileged by them letting us out upon completion of this BUL*SH*T “challenge” of theirs – there is other jargon to call it.

Don’t give in. Have some self respect for yourself.

The dunce cap needs to go and these walking times with some shoes on your feet – NO REASON it should last 215 days, just DESTROYING your life to the core, just to get a rise out of you; no purpose, no reason.

They are bully, assholes – and that is why I will never join this. I have morals and I’m a good person. I don’t beat up on good people for no reason.

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Born at an early age, Jimmy Rustling has found solace and comfort knowing that his humble actions have made this multiverse a better place for every man, woman and child ever known to exist. Dr. Jimmy Rustling has won many awards for excellence in writing including fourteen Peabody awards and a handful of Pulitzer Prizes. When Jimmies are not being Rustled the kind Dr. enjoys being an amazing husband to his beautiful, soulmate; Anastasia, a Russian mail order bride of almost 2 months. Dr. Rustling also spends 12-15 hours each day teaching their adopted 8-year-old Syrian refugee daughter how to read and write.

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