The Amish In America Commit Their Vote To Donald Trump; Mathematically Guaranteeing Him A Presidential Victory

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The Amish vote for Donald Trump
The Amish in America have committed their vote to Presidential nominee Donald Trump now mathematically guaranteeing him the Presidency. (Reuters Photo / Dennis System)

COLUMBUS, OH (AP) — History was made today in Columbus, Ohio when more than 3 million Amish poured into the city to see the American Amish Brotherhood (AAB), an organization which acts as an informal governing body for the Amish community, endorse Donald Trump for president. That number represents a significant portion of the total Amish population, which the United States Census Bureau says numbers more than 20 million men and women nationwide all pledging their vote to Trump for President. With the full force of the Amish community behind him, Donald Trump is now mathematically guaranteed to win the presidency in November.

The organization typically meets once a year and the meetings usually consist of about 300 Amish leaders who meet to discuss the challenges, such as urban sprawl, that face the community. This year, however, the organization wanted as many people in attendance as possible so they can effectively instruct all Amish men and women of legal voting age to cast their vote for the flamboyant Republican nominee.

The Amish, who are direct descendants of the protestant reformation sect known as the Anabaptists, have typically stayed out of politics in the past. As a general rule, they don’t vote, serve in the military, or engage in any other displays of patriotism. This year, however, the AAB has said that it is imperative that they get involved in the democratic process.

“Over the past eight years, the Democratic Party has launched a systematic assault on biblical virtues,” said AAB Chairman Elijah Fisher. “We have seen more and more Christians being persecuted for their faith; we have seen the state defile the institution of marriage allowing the homogays to come together just like normal people. And now, they want to put a woman in the nation’s highest leadership role in direct violation of my favorite Bible passage, 1 Timothy 2:12, ‘I do not permit a woman to teach or to assume authority over a man; she must be quiet’.” Fisher continued. “We need to stop this assault on God and take a stand for biblical principles. Donald Trump has shown in both action and deed that he is committed to restoring this country to the Lord’s way.”

According to statistician Nate Silver of the website, there are no possible scenarios in which Hillary Clinton can win with Donald Trump carrying the Amish vote.

“The Amish have their highest numbers in perennial swing states like Pennsylvania, Virginia, Ohio, Indiana, and Iowa,” Silver noted. “They also have strong numbers in reliably Democratic states like Michigan, Illinois, and New York, meaning that Hillary will lose those states as well. There is also a sizeable community in Florida which, while not as large as it is in the Midwest, is still large enough to turn Florida for Trump. Over the next two weeks, you can expect Hillary to enter into a state of freefall in all of my predictive models.”

37-year-old Paul Horner, a self-proclaimed “Donald Trump supporter since day one” told Leilani Hernandez, a reporter with local Columbus news station WBNS-10TV he is thrilled that Trump will be the next President.

“This is such great news, a Trump victory, I knew it would happen, I have been praying for it night and day,” Horner said. “Plus I work November 8th and it was going to be tough for me to get off work and vote because my boss is not the nicest of people. But now thanks to the great Amish people of this country, they have this thing locked up for a Donald Trump victory against crooked Hillary and I won’t have to miss work! God is good!”

The Clinton campaign issued a written statement to the AAB asking them to reconsider their decision.

“I don’t believe that Donald Trump is the person who best represents your interests,” Clinton wrote to the AAB. “As a career real estate developer, he represents a clear threat to your simple way of life. As former first lady of Arkansas, I understand the concerns of rural Americans more than any candidate in this election. I implore you to consider all of the facts before voting for my opponent.”

Most pundits believe that Mrs. Clinton’s plea is too little too late.

During a press conference in Manhattan early this morning, Trump thanked the AAB for their support and promised to put the Amish to work maintaining government buildings, which he said would save taxpayers millions because “the Amish do great work, the best work, for a very low price.”

Though Clinton has pledged to stay in the race until the very end, many of her campaign workers have already resigned. According to the Associated Press, it is expected that the Clinton campaign will lose 50% of its staff within the next week. There is a general mood of hopelessness and despair in the Clinton camp, and many simply want to cut their losses.

“It looked like she was going to win this election easily,” said Tom Downey, a campaign manager in Ohio, “But this is what happens when you wake a sleeping giant. Clearly, Mrs. Clinton took far too much for granted in this race, and we are all now paying the price. It’s really sad to see the campaign end this way.”

The AAB chooses weekly charities for those wishing to support what they do. The AAB’s charity for the week of November 5th is Sock It Forward, a charity that provides the homeless with brand new socks, socks being the most needed item of clothing but least donated. If you are interested in learning more about the Amish community and the AAB, you can contact the Pennsylvania Amish Heritage Museum at (785) 273-0325.


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  1. This is the amazing hand of GOD at work. Thank you Jesus and Thank you to my fellow American Amish brothers and sisters. God is Good.

    • Joanna Rinaldi – I said to my friend just yesterday that a miracle will be needed for Trump to win. THIS IS THAT MIRACLE!!!

      • No, Bill Clinton isn’t running again. Btw, I heard Hillary is a rather wild bisexual, and she only had a baby to look more respectable for their political careers.

        • Still can’t get over the fact that your mama slept with her daddy and pooped out an imbecilic INBRED like you. That’s life in the family that practices inbreeding, get over it, but please stay away from your other inbred siblings as we have enough retards, oops mentally challenged idiots in this country, aka Trump Chumps.

        • I heard the Donald would screw Ivanka given half a chance. I’m pretty sure what I heard is closer to the truth than what you heard.

        • I’m a Trump supporter and I have been following all the sexual allegations against Trump. I have yet to find any of these to have any merit. If you look at them the suits are 75k suits that can’t be proved. It all about hush money to settle out of court. Simply put frivolous lawsuits that cost more to defend than the amount of settlement. A growing trend and costing America billions every year. It’s really unethical. Check out the sexual scumbag filling the suit you referenced above:

      • No…that would be the husband of Trump’s criminal opponent that’s the pervert. Bill Clinton raped and abused women and HRC bullied and harassed them and tried to ruin their lives. Making those remarks that DJT did doesn’t make him a pervert.

    • So I guess you give Trump a pass for having cheated on all three of his wives (including the one he’s currently married to)
      because he’s such a good Christian man? Thank you Jesus!

    • I love god’s hand at work. He gave me a wonderful hand job last night. Jesus is wonderful too. Jesus loves to suck hard cocks and gives the very best head. I am sure he is doing good thing for Trump.

  2. Will they have time to get registered? Do they even understand the process? They still have to get out and cast all those individual ballots.

    • Oh we made sure we registered them in Ohio before the deadline. I’m sure the other states did too.

      • You don’t have to register it is voluntary contract . Human right to vote from God and creator . You block me from voting your throwing the election and over throwing the government. Treason and blocking my rights is terrorism . I can sue for damages . Why would I sign a contract with a fictional entity giving up my rights ?? Government and state is not a real man so contracts are void. How did we vote before ?? Just bring birth record and address proof . I will do it next elections . Free money from tyrants. Love human rights they are free !! Federal laws against depravation of rights .

  3. God said it would be a land slide.

    CNN (flamboyant), really desperate need to slander a good man over a criminal like Hillary.

    • a good man that rapes children at sex parties? A man that has been married multiple times (I think that is adultery since his wives are alive), a man that thinks it’s ok to grope and fondle women… Thank GOD I switched to Libertarian!

  4. Anyone who is really a Christian – and actually anyone who is not an atheist or agnostic – will vote for Trump. Even the Muslums do not believe in abortion. Most religions do not believe in abortion, which is another word for murder. Most religions do not believe in deviant sexual behavior that Clinton promotes. Most religions do not believe in lying, cheating or stealing, all of which is proven Clinton does. Apparently, Mrs. Clinton, the Amish have “considered all of the facts” and made a good decision. Thank you ABB.

  5. I can not wait to see her face.. of finally being bested and defeated! Now she can go home and BAKE cookies for her grandchildren like all good grandmothers at some point in their lives have the privilege of doing.

    • I never understood why she is running in the first place. It must be for power. She has lots of money, she is old, she can enjoy her life.

  6. We brought voter registration forms into every Amish community in North Carolina so they didn’t even have to travel to the cities to register. I moved here from Virginia, and there has been a big push to get Amish votes there, too. It even made the news up in D.C., that hovel of filth and corruption. I don’t know why anybody is surprised.

    The Amish are going to save America. That’s what’s happening!

    • Trump caused me to change my party. I switched from Republican to Libertarian. I will vote Hillary because I hate trump and the fact that people think it’s ok to rape children at sex parties, let his supporters think it’s fine to burn black churches and spray paint vote Trump on them…

  7. Will someone please tell me I’m not dreaming? Did Donald Trump just win the Presidency?!!! Thank you Jesus!!!

  8. There are very ugly lies on both sides. To believe Hillary’s lies are more damaging than Trump’s, well, unfortunately you will not realize the truth until it is too late. Remember also, murder is murder is murder – it is dangerous to get caught up in believing otherwise. It seems unfair to hear that your neighbor’s life and soul is neither more nor less valuable in God’s eyes than the precious baby who has been aborted, and who was already given a soul. None of us want to hear that but we do not get to pick and choose which biblical truths we will ‘agree’ with. I am a Christian. Not an antagonist. But I was compelled to comment when I noticed the rhetoric floating around.

  9. What a joke. Hillary “implores” the Amish merely to vote for herself as the”lesser of two Evils” candidate and Voting for her is the “necessary Evil”. Like many Christians of AMish devotion they are COMMITTED to their Faith and Evil necessity can never be a consideration except as damnable.

  10. Make sure all the Amish have their driver’s license ready for their voter registration & their voter identification! Oh right, they don’t drive …….. and they don’t vote ………

      • Oh, this election is extremely important, there is no way that Americans who are concerned about the state of our country are not going to vote. Early voting…the polls are open on Saturdays and Sundays! Vote, Vote, Vote… don’t let others decide this election. We are aware of the msm deception..and vigilant for voter fraud.
        List of numbers to reporting any cases of voter fraud and intimidation in each state.
        Alabama 334-242-7210
        Alaska 907-465-4611
        Arizona 602-542-8683
        Arkansas 501-682-5070
        California 916 657-2166
        Colorado 303-894-2200
        Connecticut 860-509-6100
        Delaware 302-739-4277
        Florida 877-868-3737
        Georgia 877-725-9797
        Hawaii 808-453-8683
        Idaho 208-334-2852
        Illinois 217-782-4141
        Indiana 317-232-6531
        Iowa 888-767-8683
        Kansas 785-296-4561
        Kentucky 502-564-3490
        Louisiana 225-922-0900
        Maine 207-624-7736
        Maryland 410-269-2840
        Massachusetts 617-727-7030
        Michigan 888-767-6424
        Minnesota 877-600-8683
        Mississippi 601-576-2550
        Missouri 573-751-2301
        Montana 406-444-3976
        Nebraska 402-471-2555
        Nevada 775-684-5705
        New Hampshire 603-271-3242
        New Jersey 609-292-3760
        New Mexico 505-827-3600
        New York 518-473-5086
        North Carolina 919-733-7173
        North Dakota 701-328-4146
        Ohio 614-466-2585
        Oklahoma 405-521-6457
        Oregon 503-986-1518
        Pennsylvania 717-787-5280
        Rhode Island 401-222-2345
        South Carolina 803-734-9060
        South Dakota 605-773-3537
        Tennessee 615-741-7956
        Texas 512-463-5650
        Utah 801-538-1041
        Vermont 800-439-8683
        Virginia 804-864-8901
        Washington 360-902-4151
        Washington DC 202-727-2525
        West Virginia 304-558-6000
        Wisconsin 608-261-2028
        Wyoming 307-777-5860

  11. I hope everyone registered in time. I have always respected Amish folks, my level of respected just increased dramatically.

    Thank you for standing against evil.

  12. Thank You, Jesus! When Trump people were despairing I told them to keep the faith and expect a miracle from Jesus and here is one of them, and the next one will be the Election when Donald will officially be our 45th President!

  13. Yeah, very funny. So, along with Hillary mocking Catholics let’s feel free to make fun of others, not like us, because it makes us feel superior to do so. Also, I thought the photo of the men and little boy leaning against the fence was the turnout to a Hillary rally.

  14. Praise the Amish and God Bless em’!!! They have saved this country! I still encourage those out there to get out and vote for Trump, but according to these numbers it looks like it’s a lock for a Trump win no matter what. What a glorious day to be alive!!!

  15. Seriously????!!!!!!! For years they stay out of politics and now they support Trump!!!! Makes one wonder how much money he paid them, or whatever he promised to help them with. There ancestors are turning in their graves, despicable.

    • Hello there “not for either one”. Please actually read the article. It explains why they have decided to ban together and vote. They are for Gods views. Trump is for Gods views. Since Kilary is for evil, God appears to have saved there surprise ambush for such a time as this. If this pans out, this story reads like a good ol fashioned Old Testament war victory. God don’t play. When he wants something to win, his TrumPence sound, and he makes it sound. Go Amish! If God be for us, WHO can be against us!!

  16. So, how many people are not going to be able to vote for Trump on the 8th? I know my work won’t let me out… but thanks to the Amish and the AAB, Donald Trump is now mathematically guaranteed to be our next President! Vote if you can, but as you can tell by this article, the Amish have this in the bag!


  17. I just googled the Amish community in the US and these numbers match up very close. The AAB is real and this is real! God bless the Amish! God Bless Donald Trump! Donald Trump will be our next President! God is great!!!

  18. Even if you think your candidate is going to win without your vote, you really should try and get out and vote. But it sure made it a lot easier now knowing that we have all the Amish in the country voting for Trump! Thank God for the Amish! God is good!

    • Uh, this article says the estimated Amish population in North America is 20 million. That’s wrong, it’s more like 200 million. YUUUGE difference. If all the AAB vote, there is no reason for any of us Trump supporters to vote on election day. I will still vote, but that’s just because I work from home. God bless the Amish!

  19. Someone told me that this is a scam. This guy told me that the AAB has well over 20 mill members? Please confirm

    Because if that is the case, Donald Trump is going to win by such a huge landslide it won’t even be funny

  20. THe Amished must be really surprised to hear the number 20 million when its at least 10 or 15 million more than that. Someone really got their numbers wrong

  21. Dream on, you fools. No devout, legitimate Christian would ever vote for Donald Trump. He attracts only pretend Christians and snake oil salesmen like senile old Pat Robertson. Bankrputcy and divorce are grounds for excummunication within the Amish faith.

  22. Neither Timothy (from the Bible) nor Paul (women are not to speak in church…) are carrying forward Jesus Christ’s version of “love one another.” The Amish actually reveal how ill-equipped they are as a people to deal with modern life in America today, but where else on earth could they so easily co-exist?

  23. Fact check people,

    The Amish have this locked up!

    Trump supporters do not need to vote anymore, it is just optional

    God bless the Amish!

  24. Donald Trump has shown in both action and deed that he is committed to restoring this country to the Lord’s way? “Come, all ye faithful to the locker room.”

  25. Hitler also made speeches similar to Mr. Trump. Think what happened when he was appointed Germany’s leader. If Trump is elected you will see a civil war & war with other countries. Think about it.

  26. I am confused. The Amish use the Bible to say God does not want a woman in charge yet the same Bible devotes a chapter to Deborah praising the way she ruled the Israelites for 40 years.

  27. Is this site performance art or god-level trolling? Either way, loved reading the article and the comments were just delicious.

  28. God I pray this is right. Still think trump is gonna landslide he is the only option. I think he is perfect for the job honest. God has rais

  29. Three million Amish buggies clogging the highways of Columbus, Ohio and then meeting of three million people in the Convention Center? the OSU stadium? the First Amish Church of Columbus? Wonder why it wasn’t noticed or in the paper. Must be the rigged media.

  30. Has anyone actually looked up the Amish population in the US. It’s over 30 million, not 20 million

    Trump has 100% chance of winning!!!!!!!!!!!!

  31. I LOVE AMISH PEOPLE ! With the Grace of God and the votes of THE LOVING AMISH PEOPLE for Donald Trump we will have AMERICA back on the right path !!!!!!!! GOD BLESS AMERICA !!!!!

  32. I hate to break it to you mouthbreathers, but I think Hillary Clinton will get the Amish vote… I have a strong gut feeling about it


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