6 Cool Home Office Summer Hacks

Summer hacks

Summer is the season for holidays and relaxation but you can’t forget about work altogether. The good news is that you can make your summer workdays a bit better with a few clever office hacks. These six cool home office summer hacks will guarantee you don’t mind having to do some work even during the prettiest of summer days.

1. From a humble coffee table to a desk

IKEA’s coffee tables are super cool and inviting. If you want, you could refresh your home office with a coffee table design as the work desk. All you need to do is find your favourite IKEA coffee table top and then purchase some hairping legs from the retailer. Attach the hairpin legs to the table top and you have a unique desk at your service. This option is great because it’s extremely easy to pull off and the smaller sized desk will look stunning in your home office – it won’t even take a lot of space!

2. Summer brightness with the geometric pinboard

IKEA pinboards are a great product for the office but they don’t necessarily look the brightest and most creative in the office. But you can easily add a bit more playfulness to the board with a bit of paint and brushes. Clean the pinboard and choose your favourite colours. You can use a pencil to mark your design on the pinboard if you like – be creative and let your imagination run wild. If you have a nice handwriting, you could even paint a motivational quote at the back. There are plenty of ideas available online if you are looking for inspiration.

3. Decoupaging comic books on your office desk

If you have a plain office desktop, you can make it more fun for the summer with the help of old comic books. Select your favourite pages from comics and think about the design in which you’d like to place them on top of the desk. Check out these tips for decoupaging the comics on top of the desk – it’s super fun and it will look completely different afterwards. If you’re not a comic fan, you could opt to use old maps, for example.

4. Create small shelves with Ikea picture ledges

Now, IKEA products can also be used in many ways. While the picture ledges are mostly aimed at creating beautiful photo displays, you can also utilise them at the home office for storing other items. You don’t even need to do anything special; just place them on the wall as you normally would and use them for hanging notepads, magazines and your work files.

5. Office chair with a brighter touch

Get yourself a can of spray paint in your chosen colour – yellow, bright green and red can all work for the summer. If you have an IKEA office chair with metallic or plastic rollers at the bottom, you can make them a bit funkier by painting over. This simple hack will make the chair look a lot more inviting and the colour will brighten up the room a bit.

Furthermore, you could also buy fabrics from Laura Ashley and create a simple chair cover. A flower or geometric pattern in bright colours will look much nicer that just a plain IKEA white fabric. Search for Laura Ashley at Voucherbin.co.uk for great offers on summer fabrics.

6. Bar Cart as storage

Finally, you can also put another IKEA item to good use without having to do much hacking. The bar cart at IKEA is super funky but you don’t need to place booze on top of it to make it look cool. The trolley can be super effective as storage space in your home office. Because it has wheels, you can move it around as much as you like.

Just buy some desk organisers – IKEA and Tiger Decor have both great options available – and place your files, folders, notebooks, and pens on top of the bar cart. It’s a simple and stunningly cool way to make your office look more fun and be more functional as well.

Making your home office a little bit more inviting is not difficult nor is it expensive. You can find tons of IKEA hacks that can transform their basic products in an instant and give your office a makeover. Just plan your design changes well in advance and have enough time at hand for the project.

Remember – some of the best hacks don’t often even require a lot of painting or screwing. Sometimes you can just freshen things up by using furniture in a different way and for purposes that it wasn’t originally meant for.

So get creative and playful and take inspiration from the above hacks!