5 Ways to Save Your Money When Doing Citybreaks

Save your money with citybreaks

City breaks are a short vacation made in a city. In the midst of hectic and busy urban activities, taking a break could be “an oasis in the middle of the desert”. If you’re used to waking up, working, and coming home when night falls, city breaks are something you should do regularly at least every other week. You can travel to tourist spots provided by your city, or maybe go to places you’ve never been to. In essence, visit new things and do city breaks are one effective method to reduce stress levels. But some people are not able to utilize city breaks optimally. Instead of reducing stress, they often increase the level of stress when they go home. One of the factors that led to it is the extravagant spending required during city breaks. Therefore, this article will provide 5 ways to save your money while traveling through city breaks.

  • Tourist discount cards
    Do not underestimate these cards because someday you may need them. The use of discount cards is a great way to save money when you are required to visit various tourist spots. Some of the world’s leading cities have adopted the use of discount cards for most of the tourist attractions (such as museums, parks, cruise tours, bus tours etc.), as they realize that to pay at any place without discount can be very expensive. Therefore, some time before you travel, try collecting as many discount cards as you may need them sometime. You can choose according to the city of your destination, e.g. Barcelona Passes, Madrid Passes, Paris Passes, and so forth.

    • Take advantage of cashback offers
    Try to find companies offering travel services that offer cashback. In general, cashback offered is not too big, from 3% to 7%. But if you visit many places and use a variety of means of transportation, the total cashback that you will receive can be very large. You can get more info by visiting popular tourist sites like tripindicator.com, hotels.com, or agoda.com.

    • Looking for free attractions
    Rather than always paying to get into each tourist attraction why do not you try to look for the free ones? There are many free tourist attractions available today. You just have to googling and you will find what you are looking for. You can find information about the various free attractions in the world cities by contacting many travel service provider sites. Of course tripadvisor.com should not be forgotten.

    • Bus Tours vs. Cruise Tours
    Each city has its own geographical characteristics and therefore, you may be more likely to climb one of the modes of transport when you visit a city. For example you are visiting Venice; of course your trip will be more dominated by cruise tours. But if you visit London for example, of course it would be more convenient if you take the bus tours. The advantages of bus tours are most of them included in the free attractions. That way you can save your money. Cruise Tours is more expensive but still affordable. With water tours, you can further explore the angles that have been hard to see.

    • Combo tickets
    This is the last thing that should be utilized in city breaks. Some cities implement a combo ticket for tourist spots that have similarities, or may be within the same scope of the area. By buying a combo ticket, then you will be able to save your money.

Some of the above points are what you should consider if you want to save your spending while on vacation. Now is the age of the Internet and you can search any information, not to mention information about various discount tours.