5 Warnings Signs That Your Elevator Needs Complete Replacement


An elevator is certainly a great addition to any building. It alleviates the trouble of having to take the many flights of stairs, thereby saving you a whole lot of time and energy. An elevator is also beneficial for those with mobility problems and aids seamless transportation of large and heavy items to higher floors of the building. On top of all that, an elevator helps to reduce accidents as a result of falling down on stairs. With all that said, an elevator needs to be in top-notch working condition to be able to perform those functions seamlessly. This is why the 5 major signs below should lead to an immediate elevator replacement:

  1. Elevator produces weird noises

The newest elevators in the marketplace operate quietly. If the elevator starts to produce weird sounds like squeaking, banging, grinding, and clanking as it moves, suffice to call an expert to inspect it. These weird noises may be due to mechanical issues. If left unattended, these issues could incapacitate the entire elevator, leading to extraordinary home elevator costs.

  1. Sudden change in elevator speed

A time comes when the elevator speed slows down suddenly. This typically happens when the residential building harbors many people, so the elevator receives a lot of traffic. Also, this can happen when an elevator carries more people than its loading capacity. This is not only destructive to the elevator, but can also be dangerous. Too much traffic or overloading an elevator leads to early wear and tear of its parts. On some occasions, the wear and tear can be significant, requiring replacement of the whole elevator.

  1. Elevator frequently shutting down

It’s normal for an elevator to break down once in a month. However, if the breakdown occurs week in week out and results in extraordinary maintenance costs, then this should be a warning sign that it needs to be replaced. Some of the unusual, frequent breakdowns that may necessitate replacement include an elevator refusing to function completely, inability of elevator doors to open and close flawlessly or floor malfunctions occurring each week. Most building owners choose to dodge the replacement cost and choose to follow the path of repair. In the long run, repair costs could end up being significant than replacement cost.

  1. When your elevator stops some inches above or below the floor

This phenomenon is called mid-leveling, and it’s indicative of worn out of elevator breaks. Mid-leveling takes time to get noticed. It will only start to be noticeable when the breaks are significantly worn out. This is a sign that the elevator is heavily utilized by the building occupants. This phenomenon calls for a rigorous elevator inspection and top-notch repair or complete replacement.

  1. Elevator wait time increases significantly

If your elevator wait time drastically increases, it’s time to initiate rigorous inspection and subsequent replacement. The problem may be compounded by the doors taking long to open and close. This is a sure sign that your elevator needs replacement.

By getting to grips with your elevator issues, and initiating timely routine inspections, you’re making yourself aware of the warning signs of a failing elevator before they start to manifest. This knowledge will also allow you to schedule repairs or replacements during weekends or holidays when there is less demand for elevator use.

It’s also important to inform your tenants or people using the elevator upfront about your schedule repairs and replacements. This is necessary, especially if you only have one elevator for the building. Make a point to arrange how people with disabilities and the elderly will reach their upper floors whenever repair or replacement work is ongoing. All these precautions will enable your elevator repair, and replacement processes run seamlessly.

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