5 fundamental skills of a professional HR manager


An efficient HR-manager of the company can truly become the key factor for the company’s success. There are a number of fundamental skills that a good HR manager must have for their work to be effective. Let’s see what kind of skills these are!

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Professional competence

HR-manager must be proficient in the labor legislation, keeping personnel records, the technologies of personnel search and selection. It is important for any HR manager to know modern methods of assessing staff, build a system of adaptation and motivation, organize training for employees and evaluate its effectiveness.

Emotional intelligence

Emotional intelligence is the ability to understand your own and other people’s emotions and thoughts as well as control them. The ability to find a common language with people will help maintain relationships with colleagues, management and subordinates regardless of their initial predisposition to it. Every

HR-manager should be able to determine the motivation of a person and understand their individual characteristics.

Appearance and clothing style

The HR-manager’s functions involve communication both with ordinary employees and with the management of the company, that’s why it’s preferable to choose business-type clothes.

However, you can always add a frivolous accessory to your look in order to make people like you.

Speech skills

HR professionals must be competent in structuring phrases and generally in the appropriate use of speech. They should also master the correct stress and voice intonation – since everything matters.

And since the HR manager communicates with people of completely different professions, an additional advantage will be the knowledge of the professional terminology of the specialists they are dealing with: in this way these specialists will feel that HR understands their problems.

Knowledge of business etiquette

This can help in different situations: conducting interviews, negotiations, meetings.

It is important to follow the rules of business etiquette: a competent greeting at the first meeting, exchange of business cards, an offer to sit, etc. – all these actions show respect to the partner in communication, help create a favorable atmosphere, and thus contribute to increasing communication effectiveness.

The higher the status of an HR manager, the more attention they need to pay to their professional image. This will help demonstrate self-confidence and find a common language with employees and managers.


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