Website Designing: a dream career or a waking nightmare?

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As a newbie everything looks green and pretty. Even 10 years ago, the website design front was innovative and was open to new ideas. In 2017, if you are starting out as a web designer first you will notice the abundance of DIY platforms that are eating away into the very essence of true designing.

What happens when you are a website design fresher?

Since you are a fresher, things will still seem wonderful as the clients start rolling in. you can even rely on cold calling to get yourself new clients and business is quite easy. But what comes next? Is it worth investing time and effort in developing your skills as a website designer? Will you be regretting it in 5 more years? Will the new website building platforms render website designers obsolete?

These are a few questions that will keep plaguing you once you have spent a couple of months designing websites for various clients. Here, let us see what course this career takes and maybe you will find you answer as well –

  1. Yes, it’s true website designing has become boring –

The 90s was a crazy time for the internet and also for website designing. We saw lots of creative ideas bubble up and take shape in the form of interest websites. Surprisingly a few samples of those are still alive. You can check out Space Jam’s website for a nostalgic treat and to get an idea of what we are talking about here.

With the dawn of the WYSIWYG website builders the fun of building websites ebbed quite a bit. Almost no one codes websites from scratch anymore. We get it; old websites were possibly ugly and also crazy! But it was indeed fun designing them. Building them from scratch took a lot of effort, time, talent and foresight. Not everyone in a world of 7.4 billion has that and that’s exactly what website designing so much more challenging and fun back in the day.

On the brighter side of things, since website designing has become so much easier in the day, it has also become really predictable. Almost all the websites offered by these DIY sites are identical. They don’t have much creativity and lack the robust personality most old websites had. So we say – if you know website designing and like it, stick to it! Many intelligent entrepreneurs from round the globe are right now looking for designers who can make something unique for them. And that requires building websites from scratch, right from the basic codes!This is where your talent and years of practice will come into action.

  1. The death of Flash –

No, we are not referring to the series based on our beloved DC superhero (no spoiler alerts here). We are talking about the animation software that has slowly but steadily been wiped out of fashion from website designing. For the sake of argument let us say that HTML5 and CSS3 are more dynamic and have impressive new abilities that Flash could never acquire. But what about the fact that Flash was a child’s play compared to HTML5 and CSS3?

Flash allows atrocious levels of creativity to be showcased in websites with little knowledge of coding. And we are not saying that Flash has been fossilized by HTML and CSS. But the presence of Flash has become diluted over the years. Developers may still love Flash, but the internet has lost its soft spot for it.It is never possible for HTML5 and CSS3 based websites to be as flexible as Flash. Working with the new duo requires extensive knowledge of math, codes and much more to build websites.

Again, this is good news in hiding for website designers. Most designers already know the basics of coding and that builds the perfect ground for learning more complex codes required for designing HTML and CSS based websites from scratch.In this aspect, can boast of designers who are already HTML and CSS experts. They can transform your existing website and give your business a new start! Design firms like these provide the perfect learning curve for fresh designers and veterans alike who may want to migrate to HTML and CSS soon.

Businesses who want their websites to be dynamic, creative and striking will require website designers who know the newer languages and newer platforms. HTML and CSS may be a bit more difficult than Flash but they are not impossible to master. Unique websites are becoming rarer by the day as the internet is becoming commoditized beyond imagination.We need good designers with a flair for the daring imaginations to pimp it up again!

  • Deadlines govern your life –

What happens when your clock stops telling you time because your client tells you when to go to sleep or when you can meet your girlfriend? Utter mayhem! Isn’t it? This is the primary complaint we keep hearing from all website designers who are trying to find their own footing in this industry. Deadlines are the real bad bosses, they have the power to rule and ruin your life in every way if you give them the chance. Sadly enough, they are a fact of life every designer has to deal with. They should be no fun unless you are Douglas Adams who said, “I love them (deadlines)…especially the swooshing sound they make as the fly by.”

For someone like Douglas Adams, missing a couple of deadlines may not make a difference in his reputation and earnings. But for a fledgling website designer, punctuality is all you have to build your reputation on. If you want a steady flow of work you cannot afford to keep missing deadlines or allow them to dictate your life.

There are two ways of working around it – either manage the work better or get a job in a reliable agency with a PR department who can get reasonable deadlines from the clients.

  • Managing work better –

When we say this to you we run the chance of sounding too pedantic, but you need to maintain a strict schedule for work. You need to draw a line between your work time and your playtime before work starts eating its way into your personal life. Most people you may have met fancy calling themselves “workaholics” but what you have rarely asked is, ‘is that a good thing?’ well, imagine a life with work and just work. Work becomes your only source of entertainment in life and replaces all the social interactions and family time. For most of us introverts, that sounds like a blessing in disguise, but it is not as pleasant. And most freelancing website designers know it already! This kind of dedication for work is not optional. It is more of a compulsion driven by the fear of losing clients.

If you don’t want to  land in that mess you should start keeping a calendar or a routine where you designate specific working hours and you take up projects that you can fit within your schedule.

  • Get a job with a web designing firm –

This is much easier than the first option, although you do lose out on your “independence”. We put that in quotes simply because, when you are working directly for your clients you are dedicating your time as per the requirements of your clients. Independence is usually reduced to just an illusion. But when you work for a responsible firm with valued clients, you are given manageable work hours and humane deadlines that do not suck out your life blood.

If you can stick it out as a designer in a good website designing firm you may even gain the technical know-how and the capital to open your own firm someday. If you are a freelancing website designer, know for sure, your job will take up 90% of your time. Your monthly earnings will be directly hit be recessions and other developments over the years. So until and unless you have nothing to lose do not focus on earning your living from website designing as a lone wolf.


What we are trying to tell you here is – not all about website designing is bad. You will have your ups and downs, but once you stick it out for at least a couple of years you will reap gold. Website designing is definitely not what it used to be, but that makes it much easier for the real website designers who know the true nature of codes to stand out in the crowd. Good website designers never go out of fashion. Good websites are always in demand and so are the people who can make them from scratch.

Author Bio: Evans Walsh is an author at He has been working in the fields of website designing and design optimization since the conception of internet. If you want to learn about the phases website design has gone through, there’s no one better than Evans. If you are not following his blog you are missing on some interesting trivia that can change the perception of any designer.

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