How to Make the First Date Cheap and Funny

How to have a cheap first date

Who said that it is obligatory for a man to spend an obscene amount of money on the first date? The first date can become an adventure for you and your girl. How to make your first date become cheap, funny and effortless for both of you? Take a look at this advices from Brides Stars.

Fancy dinner as the first date idea…

Let’s take a fancy dinner, for example. It is a great idea for a couple who wants to dilute their daily boring dinners and enjoy some delicious meals and have some good wine in a fancy restaurant.  The thing is that the couple that has known each other for about a year will definitely feel comfortable during such a dinner. They usually think of old times and discuss some hilarious or sweet moments; they can share their plans for the weekends; they can discuss politics. This list is endless.

If the fancy dinner happens on the first date you two should realize that you will spend an hour or two alone with a really poor background. Of course, if you enjoy gossips and just love to discuss people around you, you will definitely have a great time together as you’ll have at least 8 tables to discuss. However, if this is not about you, you should keep in mind that the list of topics you may discuss on the first date is shorter. No one can guarantee that everything will go smoothly and won’t feel comfortable or experience awkward silence in a restaurant.

Thus, such a first date idea may bring more “against” than “for”.

  • In this case, an expensive dinner may trap you two in a total silence. The worst is that you won’t have an option to escape. The only way to distract your girl will be to suggest her take a walk or something after you are done with the dinner OR order some more wine hoping that it will break the ice between you.
  • People often feel awkward eating in front of a stranger. And you are nothing but strangers on the first date. First of all, girls tend to eat less in front of a man they see for the first time. This means you girl is likely to be a little bit hungry after the date so there is an option that your romantic walk won’t last long. Another important thing here is ethics. Following all the rules won’t let you both feel comfortable and will hardly lead to a self-disclosure.
  • Another key thing here is that you cannot be sure that your first date won’t be your last date with this girl. This means a fancy dinner as the first date idea is an expensive You don’t want to spend $100 to find out if she is the one, do you?

There are dozens of cheap and awesome first date ideas. If you already know your girl’s preferences a little bit, you will be able to choose the perfect one for your first date.

  • The place does not have to be sophisticated. Pick something more casual. For instance, you may choose a local bar with a cozy atmosphere and great entertainment options. Order drinks and go ahead – talk things over! If the place seems boring, you may easily switch it and visit another nearby bar. IT won’t cost you much. Besides, bars usually offer some entertainment like darts, billiards, shuffleboards, karaoke, etc. You will easily distract yourselves there if the conversation does not go well.
  • Check some local guide on the upcoming events. First of all, most of such events are free of charge. Secondly, you will definitely have something to discuss and share personal views. IT may be a fair, a carnival, an open-air gallery, etc. Simply keep it funny and informal. It is also netter to choose an outdoor event. Visiting museums is exciting, although it is better to leave this idea for the third date, for example. Such places are too quiet, which makes it uncomfortable for couples to have a good and warm conversation there.