Fortnite is a popular Online Battle Royale game available for various platforms like Windows PC, Android, Macintosh, Nintendo switch, iOS, Xbox and Play Station 4.

This game was developed by Epic Games in the year 2017 which is also the developer of Players Unknown Battlegrounds (PUBG) game.

Fortnite basically puts more emphasis on Cartoonists type gameplay whereas another game from the same company i.e. ( read this free v bucks no human verification method to get points ) Also Check this site for fortnite free v bucks guide

Players Unknown Battlegrounds (PUBG) believes in more realistic gameplay.

So if you are interested to play a game which is not like the real world with all magical and Cartoonists elements then Fortnite is the best game for you.

It is a very creative game and will surely enjoy playing it as it has many fun things to look out for.

The lobby to warm up with all the online players than to the battle bus from where the gameplay starts and decide the place where you want to land and then jump from the battle bus and glide over to reach your destination. The last one standing who has out defeated all other players is the winner.

You can play solo, duo or with the squad. To make it more competitive you can also try Solo vs.

Squad! It is an amazing Player vs. Player battle in which you can fight shooting each other with the Guns you pick after landing on the Spawn Island.

Along with Guns, there are more types of equipment and stuffs to look for which will help to improve the gameplay.

So let’s begin the journey of becoming a Fortnite professional from a NOOB or beginner by following just these basic steps.

1. Beginning

When you are in the Battle Bus then quickly decide the best place where you want to land for finding the perfect resources to build and fight. One thing which is special about Fortnite is that in this game you can build your shelter or you can break any shelters, buildings or obstacles.

2. Loot

After landing start collecting the guns, healings, potions, and pieces of equipment which are there on the land because expect your clothes and an Axe nothing is that you have at the starting. Kill the enemies if they come before you.

Find treasure chests which can be identified by some dramatic sounds, they contain many useful and rare items. As the gameplay goes forward you will have to be inside the zone if not you will take damage.

Storm coming is the warning that the play zone is shrinking, after every moment the play zone shrinks and at the last, the players still alive are in a small circle.

3. Building the shelter

As told above you can build your own shelter in the Fortnite. The Axe with you can whack anything from trees to a car to building anything in the game. An option in the inventory allows you to start building roofs, walls or anything which can serve as a shelter.

Some of the players build high structures for better sniping. You can even try to build complex structures with the materials you collect by whacking all the things around with your axe.

Final thoughts

No doubt that Fortnite is a very amazing Battle Royale Game with many magical and Cartoonists kinds of stuff. The intense Player vs. Player experience to defeat all other players or squads and remain the last in the spawn island to get the title of victory.

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