How to earn Swagbucks fast? Easy Methods

A user spends countless hours on the internet browsing for information, downloading games and apps, or socializing through Facebook or Instagram. But what it if while doing all such activity it would help to generate a small income at the same time. No, it is not any other typical internet scam, instead, it is a trusted name and currently paying hundreds of dollars to its member for using its service. Swagbuck is a portal that offers rewards points to its member for doing simple tasks such as watching an online video or filling a survey form on the internet.

While signing up for Swagbucks Hack (either through creating an account or logging on through facebook) would gift you 10$ welcome bonus, some other tricks and hacks can be used to make the most of such platform.

Make Swagbuck a default search engine

The first thing that needs to be done is replacing Google chrome or opera browser with Swagbucks, once doing it entire web surfing activity would be a reward earning activity. Moreover, one can expect to earn around 10-20 Swabuck points per 10 to 20 searches, that’s 1 point for every search, keeping this calculation in mind, 6-month web searching activity would result into reward 300 euro and that’s big buck which can be earned through Swagbucks. Whether working as an employee or completing your college assignment browsing on the internet is a common activity done by all and doing it Swagbuck would just start to fill pockets instantly.

Completing Survey and Poll

It might sound boring but it is helpful in the long run. Swagbuck constantly provides survey and polls while surfing on the internet. Although the skip button is always a tempting option, completing that survey and spending between 3 to 20 minutes for taking that survey would help to generate side income. For every survey taken on Swagbuck, it rewards its user from 40-100 Swagbuck points depending on the survey. Moreover, there are daily polls which would help to generate extra points in a few seconds. Whether at lunch or a coffee break one quick survey would help to bring in some extra points in the account.

Playing Games

Playing games and earning money at the same time is possible through Swagbuck. While commuting from home to office or school spending time on your mobile and completing those tedious missions would not only help you to earn experience point but also would help to generate Swagbuck points. It would be easier to track those games as they would be having a prefix of “swag” to identify the games that need to be played. All the games are free once the app is downloaded. Testing general knowledge skill and getting paid for your boasting your intellect is also a possible scenario through Swagbuck Live, and make a big cut from the grand prize of 500 dollars worth paid in Swagbuck points. To multiply the reward and to earn even in your sleep inviting friends and making them sign up through referral codes would help to earn more Swagbuck points with ease.

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