How to delete a game on Xbox One

Xbox is an eighth-generation video gaming console which was developed by Microsoft itself. It proves to be the best competitor to other gaming consoles such as PlayStation, Switch, etc.

Recently the Xbox gained acknowledgment and appreciated by critics because of its controlled designing, voice navigation or multimedia features. Also, check free xbox live codes

In general, Xbox has 500GB of storage capacity which doesn’t seem to be much spacious for an addicted gamer’s console. Some AAA games can take more the 50 GB space and if you are downloading the 4K compatibility than space will be used up very soon. So to keep on experimenting with all new games you need space in your Xbox one and to free up some space you need to delete some games.

So let’s just discuss how to delete a game on your Xbox if you don’t want to play it for some time.

You can just install a different game to experiment with your gameplay :

Step 1: Firstly, open your Xbox One home screen, now press the Xbox button to open the options and then select “My games & apps” from the options which are being shown over the screen.

Step 2: Next highlight the game’s title which you are willing to remove from your Xbox. Then straightly press the “menu button” on your controller.

Step 3: Then you’ll see a pop-up menu from which you’ll have to select “manage game” from that menu.

Step 4: After clicking the “manage game” button you’ll get a new screen open which is divided into basically two parts. On the left, all the information related to the game is available with the option of “ready to install” or “installed” along with the option of saving data from misuse also. And on the right part, you’ll get some option named as “move all”, “copy all”, “uninstall all”. Finally choosing the “uninstall all” button you can uninstall all the game and clear all the data related to the game from the hard drive.

These are some of the simple steps which you can use to uninstall a game you don’t want to play for now. And if after experimenting with several games you don’t like those games and want those games back which you have uninstalled previously.

Then you can go through some simple steps again to re-install the game which you have uninstalled previously. So to re-install the previously deleted game, the first step you need to follow is to:

  • Go to the “my games& apps” menu shown over the screen again.
  • After some of the recent updates, the location of “ready to install” tab is changed from the left part to the right part.
  • Then you just need to select the game you want to re-install and click on the install tab.
  • Then you can see a dialogue box on the bottom left which shows the current speed of download as well as how much space is left in your Xbox.

Apart from this method, you can also get an alternative method by clicking on “manage game” tab on the screen. And then clicking “ready to install” on the left.

You’ll get two options, either you can install the content into pieces or by clicking on “install all” you can install the whole content on a stretch.

Further, if you don’t want to uninstall any game then it’s advisable to get an external hard drive which can increase the space of your Xbox in no time. But it’s not possible for everyone to get an external storage device to increase the space more.

So to experiment with several new games it is advisable to delete a game and then start any of your new game and if you don’t like you can again reinstall the previous game you have deleted.

Both the methods are mentioned above which will help you to delete a game as well as to re-install the same game if you want.

Xbox one has emerged in these recent days when the craze of gaming is increasing and gaming career is emerging as a hot and happening career. So to experiment related to different games Xbox can help you a lot to do so.

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