How to connect only fans with twitter

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There are a lot of people who want to connect their only fans’ accounts to twitter, but don’t know how to do so. This article will state five steps in which you can connect your only fans account to twitter 

Step 1: creating an account

Just go to the only fans’ website and create a page. There are no contracts that you need a sign for getting your content to your subscribers. When you have great content on your channel and have a good fanbase, then you can ask the subscribers to pay you for viewing your content.  Now this a great option of getting paid since YouTube is tightening their monetization policy day by day and there was no way you can earn from Facebook or Twitter unless you pay them ad campaign fee , so with only fans you will get paid for what your subscribers will like , so it’s a win situation for both  onlyfans free

Step 2:  Creating a subscription brochure

What makes only fans incredibly popular is the fact that you are in control of deciding what you want to charge your subscribers. If you feel that your content is good, then you can charge 20 dollars for each content, or if you feel that your content is moderate then you can charge 10 dollars. Now it will be in the hands of the subscribers that they want to pay this amount.  For example, if you are popular on Instagram and have about 1000 subscribers then you can expect an engagement of 300 subscribers in your only fans channel. Now if you have 500 subscribers then you can expect a traffic drive 1 to 2 % which is basically 100 subscribers in your only fans channel 

Step 3:  Promote

The most prominent way to promote your only fans account, is through the method of social media. Make use of twitter, Facebook and Instagram account and let your subscribers know that you are in the business. In case of platforms like twitter, Facebook and Instagram, you need create an engaging post that you are in social media and let them know that you are in only fans. Once the subscribers notice then, it is bound that they will check out your content. If they find it good enough, they will subscribe to it. Realize that promoting online is free and requires zero investment. Now if you are about to promote this in a traditional way, then you need think of marketing tactic and also would need a physical store that would display your services.  Now if you are promoting clean content, it will okay. On the contrary if you are promoting adult content then that would be impossible 

Step 4: Planning and execution

Planning would involve thinking of ideas that your subscribers would like. If you are into making beauty tutorials, then concrete on the latest beauty products that are in the market. If you’re a tech guy then concentrate on the latest gadgets that comes into tech marketplace. Once you have engaging content idea then you can retain your fans. Once you know how to portray that beautifully through video editing then it would mean a master execution 

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