When you think of a game, you only think of winning or going up by one level. However, the Roblox is one such unique game which not allows you to compete with others but also allows to have some fun.

For example, when the user is designing a virtual world along with someone else, in between something serious there is an opportunity to have some fun. Or simply that the Roblox avatar needs to be more realistic.

So there is an option of adding features to his personality. The Roblox game allows for a lot of animation. Do you Want free robux then check it out

For this process, there is a Roblox animation system. Under this system, there is something called Emotes.

These Emotes are Action commands. These emote enable the Roblox Avatar to perform specific actions.

There are some default settings by which the animation commands can be used.

To Activate that default emotes, the “/” key needs to be pressed. For example, some of them are mentioned below:

  • /e laugh – the laughing action is done but of course without a sound
  • /e point – the character simply points
  • /e wave – in R6 the waves are quick whereas in R15 the waves are done more smoothly
  • /e cheer – a silent move where the character cheers and jumps
  • /e dance –the first dance for R15 and for R6 a random dance
  • /e dance1 – dancing style resembles Gangnam Style for R6. However, R15 does not
  • accept this command.
  • /e dance2 – R15 will twist the arms and look side to side in this command. R6 too does
  • similar steps such as moving from side to side.
  • /e dance 3 – R15 sways from side to side and moves the arms. R6 will perform a dance
  • or sort of jumps on alternating legs with arms pointed out.

It’s important to press the “/” key in order to activate the command. Otherwise, it will not start and the user will only end up entering a message in the chat.

There are in total about 7 Emotes and in addition, 3 more can be purchased. A point to be mentioned is that these Emotes are only active and there is no sound involved.

That means these emotes help the character to move only. There is no accompanying sound with it.

There is also another feature known as Mocap Dancing. This feature tries to be as close as possible to the real dance steps. There are about 40 total dances under this feature. However, only 4 are available with VIP.

The Emote menu was a recent addition to the Roblox game. They have put life into the game.

The first emotes were doing steps such as salute, tilts, etc. Making dance moves in the Roblox game is another feather in this game.

It allows the player to interact in a fun way with other users without sticking to the same old boring chats.

So with a bit of creativity and at the same time having fun, the Roblox game has a lot to offer. So keep creating and enjoying.

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