Merge dragons is a game where you can merge anything. The gameplay provides you with an interface where you can combine two things in order to get a wonderful outcome.

In this game, you’re provided with void land which is lifeless. Your main aim is to restore life back to this land by merging your magical powers. You will have the ability to merge trees, eggs,
and even dragons to discover new and wonderful things.

Now if you want to make your presence felt in the game collect maximum bounties and then bring back to the dragon camp.

Once the bounties are collected you can use it make your dragon camp stronger than ever.

This article will provide you some quick tips which you can use to win the game every time you play it. Some of the trips and
tricks are as follows:

It is advised that you merge two different dragon eggs in order to get a powerful dragon. After that, all you need to do is solve a difficult puzzle and then match Gaia status in order to get a winning point.

  1. Try merging 5 instead of 3
    Most of the people who think that that maximum merge they can make is 3 but this is not true. You can merge clusters of 5 instead of 3. Now when merging is done in clusters of 5 you are bound to get maximum output or game terms “ double output” for example if you
    merge 5 clovers then you will get 2 flowers whereas merging three flowers will get you a single flower.
  2. Try saving your merges
    When you are in a mind frame to play home camp then the best available option is to perform maximum merges and then save it for later. It is advised that your group your objects together
    but keep in mind that you group them with enough spaces between them so that they do not get merged together. In doing so you will have the opportunity to merge 5 objects and pave
    the way for the maximum out.
  3. Get farm bricks by harvesting rocks
    Bricks play a good role in the game. With the help of these chests can be brought whose contents can be very useful when you are about set a dragon camp.
  4. The contents of the chest will allow more dragons to stay in your camp as contents of the dragons provide you with new buildings. Thus if you want to earn the maximum amount of bricks make a drop of your

dragons on any rock. Then make a merge of 5 which make you get a powerful brick stone
which can again provide you with 25,000 when tapped.

Get farm coins by harvesting on fruit
As mentioned earlier than bricks can get chests and harvesting on fruits can get coins. Just like chests coins can be used in for creating more space for the dragons. This can be done when you will drag one of your dragon to a fruit tree. The dragon will give you a special fruit
like raspberries, grapes, and bananas.

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