Dragon Ball Legends :- How to Win in this game

Dragon ball is a very famous Japanese animated series. The various quests and the adventures experienced by the characters are legendary. There are many games later developed to mimic the adventures because of the popularity of the series. The Dragon ball legend is developed by the BANDAI NAMCO for ios and android.

There are few sites that explains some of the cheats to dragon ball legends

The game is free to play and has got lots of amazing features. Here is a set of hacks you can use to play the game.

How to hack?

Learn the basics of the keys

The game contains lots of tutorials for you to get in touch with the basics.  With the aid of the tutorials you can learn the UI of the game. The beginners can make use of the tutorials. There are many stages in the game and you can after learning the basics get to know the advanced options.

Know about the heroes

There are many heroes in the dragon ball legends game. They are all grouped in the categories. The first set contains the basic heroes. They are really simple to get but you need time to learn to play with them. These basic heroes can be replacing when you get the real heroes used for advanced levels. With the dragon ball simple steps you can get the resources and also the heroes in less time than required.

  • Goku- He is the Saiyan saga warrior known for its abilities in Z power and the attack power. The ability of the Z is unique and the charter is strong with the blast attack. Goku is the preferred character amongst all the warriors. 
  • Gohan- This is a character with many differ ranges. The best attribute of the character is its confrontation tactics. He is quite similar to that of Goku but the only difference is his character is double team.   
  • Krillin- The character has the defense type from the Saiyan saga. He is good at protecting the players at the hard trails at the game. One can simply win all the fights because of the power and the protection of the character.

You should know skilfully learn to change the characters at the most difficult aspects of the game to win. Changing is important in the game along with the use of the powers so practice it by playing.


By winning in the stages you cannot become the master at the game. There is more to master the game than winning. You have to combat with the enemies to get rewards too. You can learn the new attacks and become an expert at it. You can begin by mastering the combat which can be performed by the set of effective strategies. Start by selecting the right character and upgrade them to avid some of the issues in the game. Spend the sources you get wisely.

If you are not able to play the game because of the currencies you can make use of the secondary sources. Use these tactics to win the game and become a great hand at it.

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