Avakin – a 3D mobile App Game that is fast catching the interest of the teenagers and others alike. 

What is it all about?   It’s like a virtual community but online.  Here there is creative freedom to customize the avatar as per the latest hairstyles, hair colors, and hottest fashion trends.  

In addition, the body type and other modifications too can be done. 

Not just that, even your own home can be designed.  It also allows likeminded people to chat and make new friends.

There is also the option to complete certain tasks and this will help in earning rewards and other coins. Using this the player can unlock items such as clothing, accessories, etc.

It’s popular as a mobile app so there may be doubts about whether it can be played on the PC.  

Yes, it is possible.   

The Avakin Life game is compatible with Android, iOS and Amazon Devices.  In fact, Avakin Life has some really good graphics and great features.  Also, check out avakin life hack

So sometimes it feels that is better to play it on a PC for full effects.  

If this game is downloaded through the BlueStacks player on your PC, it becomes easier. 

Because BlueStacks enables the PC   to play any Android game or App without the extra hassle of having cables, wireless devices, additional equipment, etc.  

So all that a person needs to do is to first get the Free BlueStacks player and of course a Google account. 

After that, the following steps to be followed:

  1. Install BlueStacks and run the installation process and complete the one –time setup.
  2. Once this is done, enter Avakin Life in the Search bar at the top right corner.
  3. Click the icon and select install on Google play screen.
  4. That’s it.  Now you can go ahead and play by clicking the Avakin Life icon which will now show in the apps tab.

So in just, some very simple steps the Avakin Life game can be downloaded into the PC.    Once it is done, playing the game is like stepping into a magical world.  The experience is like having your dreams come true.   For instance, now an endless opportunity unfold itself such as

  • Customizing your look and making friends – Here you can have the choice to dress your Avatar up like fashion icon with gorgeous evening wear, or even party style, etc.  In other words, the style can be made unique
  • Visiting exciting social places – hanging out with friends at sunny beaches, or trendy bars and restaurants. Smaller details such as sitting on chairs, diving from the diving boards, roaming the area, etc. are possible
  • Listening to music an even dancing on the dance floor- there is a lot of variety in dance animations with even facial expressions to match to help your friends know your feelings.   Not just that there is even a feature of having a photoshoot with lots of poses!

All this is possible right at the end of your fingertips with this game Avakin Life.

However, as a caution make sure that whoever is playing this game especially teens are old and mature enough.  

In the end, it is a totally engrossing game.

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